Before Purchasing Cabinets Online, Read These Essential Tips

Before Purchasing Cabinets Online, Read These Essential Tips

Buying new cabinets is an exciting experience for you and your family. Updating your kitchen or bathroom is one of the best ways to increase equity in your home. Being able to enjoy those new cabinets once they’re installed is also a significant way to improve your quality of life around the house. Buying cabinets online is a great way to save time and money with that home improvement project. Instead of going from one big box store to the next, you can purchase your cabinets online from the convenience of your own home. But before buying cabinets online, it’s important to consider how to order kitchen cabinets online!

How to Save Time and Money When Buying Cabinets Online:

  1. Measure Your Room First
  2. Generate a 3D Rendering
  3. Use Your 3D Rendering to Place Order
  4. Consider Your Room Design or Theme
  5. Review Style Options
  6. Identify Delivery Details
  7. Confirm Lead Times
  8. Capitalize on Sale Opportunities
  9. Contact Customer Service with Questions
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1. Measure Your Kitchen First

A man Measuring kitchen base cabinets

Before you begin the purchase process for your new cabinets, it’s important to first measure your kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets to find out the exact dimensions each room will require. This will help identify the size and quantity of cabinets you will need to order.

Don’t ever assume or estimate dimensions when buying cabinets online. This will create extra costs and delay installation. At Lily Ann Cabinets, after you measure your room and describe your cabinet project, our team of experts will generate a free 3D kitchen design rendering. Using this rendering to order your cabinets will allow you to purchase exactly what you need to get your job done the right way.

2. Consider Your Room Design or Theme

Open Style White Kitchen with Functional Large Island, Green Chairs around, Natural Wood Open Shelving's and Stainless Steel Appliances

It’s important to consider the overall design or theme of your room when buying cabinets online. If you are designing a modern kitchen, for example, it’s best to order cabinets that accentuate the modern design of the room. The same can be said of a rustic style kitchen.

If you’re unclear about which style of cabinet works best in your kitchen, check out our blogs on modern and rustic design. For a modern kitchen, this means focusing on white cabinets. For a rustic kitchen, this could mean selecting a darker cabinet. In either case, receiving cabinet samples to match your floor or countertops before purchasing is highly recommended to make sure your cabinets fit with the overall theme of the room.

3. Delivery Details and Lead Times

Lily Ann Cabinets Delivery Van

Make sure you understand delivery details before buying cabinets online. The listed cabinet price could be increased significantly based on where the cabinets will be shipped. An expensive shipping cost could impact which style of cabinet you ultimately choose.

At Lily Ann Cabinets, free shipping is available on RTA cabinet orders over $2,499 within select areas. Lead times could also impact your construction schedule and it’s important to get an estimate of when your cabinets are most likely to ship and arrive before ordering and planning for installation.

4. Capitalize on Online Sales

Black cabinets paired with gold pulls, Marble backsplash and white countertop

When you’re buying cabinets online, it’s important to capitalize on online sales and discount offers to save money on your purchase. You will also be able to find discount offers during our Cabinet sales which are consistently going on! Stay tuned for those opportunities and when you see them take advantage of the offers.

5. Cabinet Experts Standing by to Assist with Your Purchase

Lily Ann Cabinets Warehouse

Buying cabinets online does not mean that customer service representatives are unable to assist with your purchase. Our cabinet experts at Lily Ann Cabinets are standing by to answer any questions you may have about your cabinet options. We also have physical store locations in several areas throughout the country. By calling or emailing our customer service team at 800.551.1438 or, we will be happy to discuss any questions you have and help in any way that we can.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

1. How to order kitchen cabinets online?

There are many places to order kitchen cabinets online, you just have to research which is the most reliable. Buying kitchen cabinets online is a relatively simple process and eliminates inconveniences such as visits to local kitchen dealerships or big box stores.

2. How can I save money on new kitchen cabinets?

RTA cabinets are the best option for reliable, easy to assemble cabinets that won't break your bank. Considering you don't have to hire someone to install them, you could save $150-$380 per linear foot for total installation.

3. Can I put new doors on my kitchen cabinets?

Yes, replacing cabinet doors is another way to save money on a kitchen remodel, there are many tutorials on how to do so to avoid hiring anyone.

4. What is the most common wood used for cabinets?

The most common wood used for cabinets is oak, due to its large abundance throughout the world, with the next being cherry wood.

5. How to measure your kitchen for cabinets?

To measure your kitchen for cabinets, you will need a tape measure, straight edge, and graph paper. Record the overall length of each wall as you work to your right around the room, also labeling walls, windows, and doors with numbers. Take horizontal measurements of walls at 36-inch height. Record vertical measurements of the floor to windowsill, from windowsill to top of window, from top of window to ceiling, and then from floor to ceiling. Indicate the centerline of all permanent features such as the wall oven, sinks, windows, doors, etc. When measuring doors and windows, measure from one side to the other of the door or window trim, then measure from the outside of the trim to the middle of the window or door.

6. How do I know what size kitchen cabinets I need? 

Once you measure your kitchen you can relay that information to your design at Lily Ann Cabinets and they can help you create your kitchen with your measurements!

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