Doors & Millwork

Thinking of going to the nearest box store to buy interior wood doors or millwork? Think again! Lily Ann sells both doors and millwork online, at the best quality and with prices that beat all of the box stores. With exact measurements and professionals that are online and ready to help with any questions that you may encounter, buying your interior wood doors and millwork online through Lily Ann will be an easy and fast experience.

Finding small details for your home such as stairs, door locks, trim, and headers to buy does not have to be difficult. Allow Lily Ann Cabinets to be your one stop shop for all of these details within your home. Lily Ann’s veneered stair tread and riser kit is high quality at a great price online. This stair tread and riser kit is made of good quality maple, unfinished so it is stain or varnish ready, usable for retrofit or new construction, and has a one year structural warranty.

Buy Door and Millwork Online

Buy the stair tread and riser kit online at Lily Ann Cabinets! Lily Ann also carries MDF trim which is beneficial to a space within a home for numerous reasons. First, baseboards and window casing molding protects the bottom of the walls and border of windows from getting damaged over time. Second, they give any space that they are put in a much more finished and elegant feel.

Third, baseboards and window casing molding can hide uneven edges on your floorboards and give your flooring and walls more of a cohesive look. Lily Ann also offers a couple of different options when it comes to door headers to buy online. These headers come in the options of either traditional or shaker, therefore one of these choices is sure to match the rest of the aesthetic of your home.

Another product that Lily Ann offers online is barn doors, along with the hardware in order to install the barn doors. These interior wood doors are all very high quality, and will be a stunning addition to any space that they are installed into. If you are looking for left hand or right hand door locks and levers, Lily Ann sells these online as well. All of the options have sleek, easy to use designs and are sure to match any space that they are placed in. Not only that, but they also include the accessories needed to install them, making the installation process a breeze. If you are searching for barn doors, millwork or locks, Lily Ann is the place to buy them from!

Lily Ann’s five-bladed ceiling fan will be the perfect addition to any style of home’s ceiling. With three fan speeds, this ceiling fan is sure to make any space cooled down and extra comfortable to be in. The pull-down chain allows you to control these speeds with zero hassle. You won’t know what you are missing out on until you give your ceiling a fan. Lily Ann Cabinets has the best online option for a fan to buy, so get it will you can!