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White cabinets are a classic choice for any home improvement project, from kitchens with white cabinets to shaker white cabinets for the bathroom. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary style or something more traditional, white cabinets are a great option for any space. White storage cabinets can provide additional storage for items such as bathroom vanities and kitchen utensils.

Many homeowners also opt for white kitchen cabinets when creating a bright, inviting atmosphere. White cabinets can be found in many different styles, such as a raised panel and Shaker cabinets. No matter what your home improvement needs, Lily Ann Cabinets offers quality white cabinets to upgrade your kitchen and bathrooms today!

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Installing your own cabinets has never been easier. Lily Ann Cabinets makes it a breeze with our white storage cabinets. Whether you’re looking for white kitchen cabinets or white bathroom cabinets, our easy-to-assemble designs offer the same professional look and feel of traditional shaker white cabinets without the hassle.

Our cabinets are designed with two assembly clips that make putting them together like a jigsaw puzzle. With white storage cabinets, you can easily add a touch of sophistication to any room. Whether you’re creating kitchens with white cabinets, bathrooms with shaker white cabinets, or both, you’ll be able to find the perfect style to fit your home improvement needs.

Choose from contemporary style raised panel or shaker cabinets in a variety of sizes and finishes. You can even purchase additional white bathroom vanities to match the rest of your cabinets for a cohesive look. No matter which style of white cabinet you choose, you’ll be sure to find something that fits perfectly into your existing home decor. With our Ready-to-assemble design, you’ll be able to transform your home in no time!


How to Choose the Right White Cabinets for Your Kitchen

When it comes to white kitchen cabinets, you have so many options to choose from. Whether you're looking for something sleek and modern, or traditional and timeless,

you can find the perfect white kitchen cabinets to fit your style. From classic shaker style cabinets to crisp, contemporary designs, Lily Ann Cabinets offers premium white cabinets that will look great in any kitchen.



Why should you go for white cabinets

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The overall look you're going for

When it comes to choosing white cabinets for your home, you’ll want to make sure that the look you are going for is the one you get. White cabinets can come in a variety of styles, from traditional raised panel to sleek and modern contemporary.

Depending on what you're looking for, white storage cabinets are a great choice for any room in the home, from the kitchen to the bathroom and even for pantries. For kitchens with white cabinets, shaker style or raised panel white cabinets can be a good option. These have a more traditional look with an ornate patterned design, giving your kitchen a classic feel.

White bathroom cabinets are also a great way to spruce up bathroom space. Whether you’re looking for white storage cabinets or white bathroom vanities, you can find options with both traditional and modern designs. Shaker white cabinets are an elegant and classic option that can elevate your bathroom’s aesthetic

Answers to Some Common Questions

Which is better grey or white kitchen cabinets?

The color of kitchen cabinets you choose depends entirely on the style of your space. Both white and grey cabinets are a timeless option for any kitchen. In terms of resale value, you can never go wrong with white kitchen cabinets. White kitchen cabinets match any design style and stand the test of time. Grey cabinets are a bit darker, so they are better suited for larger kitchens, as not to make the space feel small.

Do white kitchen cabinets cost more?

Typically, white kitchen cabinets cost the same amount as other cabinet colors. White kitchen cabinets from Lily Ann Cabinets are available up to 50% off box store pricing so you can save big on your home project!

Should white cabinets be the same color as trim?

It is always a benefit if you can match your cabinets to your trim, however it is not completely necessary. If the color of the cabinets is only slightly different than the cabinets, the difference is usually not noticeable. You may also opt to paint your trim to better match your cabinetry if you would like.

How do I order the white kitchen cabinets?

Ordering white kitchen cabinets is simple with Lily Ann Cabinets. You can get started with free cabinet door samples and a free 3D kitchen design. Our professional kitchen designers are here to help you through every step of the cabinet ordering process! Our white kitchen cabinets are available up to 50% off box store pricing so you can save big on your home project.

Do white cabinets look dirty?

White cabinets do show dirt and debris easier than other cabinet colors. However, Lily Ann's cabinetry is extremely easy to clean. For most, the beautiful white color of the cabinets outweighs the need for some extra cleaning.

Do white cabinets scratch easily?

The ability of cabinets to get scratched is dependent on the cabinet quality, not the cabinet color. Lily Ann Cabinets' white cabinetry does not scratch easily as is it is constructed with the highest quality materials and features premium paint and varnish.

Why are white kitchen cabinets so popular?

White kitchen cabinets are popular because they add to the resale value of a home, make any space feel larger, and match almost any kitchen design style. You can never go wrong with white kitchen cabinets - they are timeless, bright and beautiful!

Is it easier to sell homes with white kitchens?

White kitchens increase the resale value of the home and make the home easier to sell. Most homebuyers are looking for updated kitchens that they can put their own unique touch on. White kitchen cabinets are a great option because they are timeless, blend well with any design style, and make the room feel much larger.

What color countertops go with white kitchen cabinets?

White kitchen cabinets go with almost any color countertops. They look best with light grey colors, beiges and even white countertops. If you want to add contrast to your kitchen, opt for black or dark charcoal grey countertops, which will make the white cabinets pop.

Can I use white kitchen cabinets with dark flooring?

White kitchen cabinets look fabulous with dark flooring, because dark floors add contrast and drama to the space. Dark wood or SPC flooring is a great combination with white cabinets as it creates beautiful contrast - try pairing the cabinets with a dark colored cabinet hardware to pull the look together.