Lily Ann’s Lowest Price Guarantee

At Lily Ann, our top priority is to provide shoppers with high-end cabinetry without the high-end price tag. From our superior materials, manufacturing, and assembly processes to our factory-direct pricing model, we’re confident that you won’t find a better deal on cabinets anywhere, let alone anywhere near our prices. If you do happen to see a lower price on comparable kitchen or bathroom cabinets, but you don’t want to miss out on the unique quality, service, and attention to detail offered by Lily Ann’s Cabinets - don’t worry. We’ll do everything we can to match or beat any pricing you find!*

As a leading innovator in the RTA cabinetry industry, we’ve developed a proprietary dovetail assembly method that results in cabinetry that looks better, assembles with ease, and is durable enough for even the busiest kitchens and bathrooms. While we’re confident that the value we offer every Lily Ann shopper is unbeatable, we understand that our job is to prove it to you! Call us today at 800-551-1438 to speak with one of our expert design specialists about price matching or ANY questions you have about your future cabinets! From free virtual 360 designs to no-obligation quotes, our team of professional designers is here to ensure we meet and exceed your needs every step of the way. Whether you have your layout ready and are looking for a more competitive price, or you are just in the beginning stages of your remodel project, Lily Ann is here for you!

Please note that Lily Ann Cabinets is only able to price match items that are similar to the products that we offer. Many Lily Ann Cabinet competitors provide cabinets that may appear comparable at first glance, but are actually of much lesser quality, using imitation wood or inferior hardware. Additionally, once an order has been placed, we are no longer able to match a competitor's pricing. Any canceled orders remain subject to cancellation fees.

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Please note: While other cabinet company’s products may appear similar to ours at first glance, the quality may be of lesser value, or they may use imitation wood or substandard hardware.

For this reason, Lily Ann Cabinets can only price match on items that are similar to the products that we offer. In addition, once an order has been placed, we are no longer able to price match. Any cancelled orders remain subject to cancellation fees.

*In most instances we are able to match or beat a pricing quote from a competitor. In the unlikely case that we are not able to match or beat the pricing, we will still work tirelessly to provide you exceptional and aggressive pricing with unparalleled customer services!