Grey Cabinets

Create your dream kitchen or bathroom with RTA grey cabinets from Lily Ann Cabinets. The best parts of grey cabinets are their versatility and adaptability to any style. Traditional, rustic, contemporary, or modern, grey cabinets will enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen or bathroom. Grey cabinets are the second most popular color of kitchen cabinets, second to white cabinets, providing just as much sophistication and style, but with a bit more personality. There are endless possibilities of hardware, trim, countertops, and backsplashes to combine to create a truly unique kitchen using our easy-to-assemble grey wood cabinets.

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Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Our grey wood kitchen cabinets are sturdy, sleek, and professional looking, without the cost of professional installation. Take your kitchen to the next level by installing grey kitchen cabinets with a white cabinet island adding in sleek countertops, hardware, and unique backsplash. Depending on the colors of your kitchen, grey cabinets can appear warm or cool, giving you ultimate control over the feel of your brand new kitchen. Want the cabinets to be the centerpiece? Pair your grey kitchen cabinets with a neutral color palette to put them in the spotlight.


Grey Bathroom Cabinets

Choosing the right grey bathroom cabinets can take your bathroom to the next level. Getting the right fit, right color, and right style can enhance your bathroom. Your vanity serves two functions in your home: storage and style. When you wake up in the morning and go to your bathroom, your cabinets are the first thing you see. They're the first thing guests see when they use a restroom. Having stylish grey bathroom cabinets make a great impression for a space not typically admired for aesthetic. They also need to be functional to hide toiletries, towels, makeup, and other common items. Lily Ann's grey bathroom cabinets are not only cheap and functional but sleek and stylish as well.


Easy-to-Assemble Grey Cabinets

Having kitchen and bathroom cabinets installed professionally can have a large price tag. Save your money and buy RTA grey cabinets for your home to get a professional look for a fraction of the price. Our grey wood cabinets are delivered with instructions to help you, but we also have a variety of resources online to help with the installation process. Our cabinets require only two clips, compared to the multiple required for assembly by other companies. If you run into trouble, our customer service team is ready to help.


Grey Cabinet Hardware

Picking hardware for grey cabinets does not have to be difficult! Between the options of knobs or pulls, pulls generally bring more of a modern feel to the kitchen, while knobs are seen as more traditional, so it depends which direction you want to go with the design. For the finish, grey cabinets pair exceptionally well with black or silver hardware.

Grey Cabinet Countertops

Grey cabinets go with nearly everything as long as it’s a neutral color palette. Therefore, for countertops, you have numerous options to pick from for your kitchen design. Light grey cabinets pair well with bright white countertops if you want to stick to a lighter kitchen. Light grey cabinets, black hardware and dark countertops will bring a timeless and modern feel into the kitchen, not to mention that darker countertops are easier to manage stain-wise. Choosing modern grey cabinets and incorporating a neutral color palette is the key to creating a dream kitchen!

Grey Cabinet Backsplash

If you are sticking to a neutral color palette, the perfect backsplash for modern grey cabinets would be something simple. A large subway tile in a neutral color would suffice, or even better, have the countertops go up the wall as the backsplash as well. Doing so will bring a seamless, modern look to the space that you will not regret!

Experts in Grey Cabinets and Great Customer Service

We know our cabinets. We don't just buy and resell like many online cabinet companies out there. We have four warehouses stocked with our RTA cabinets, and we won't sell you anything that we wouldn't buy ourselves. Because our cabinets are in-house, if you need help, our customer service team is a phone call away waiting to answer any and every question about grey wood cabinets that you have.


The Best Pricing on Grey Cabinets

Not only are our grey kitchen cabinets cheaper to install than hiring a professional or contractor to help, but they have a significantly lower purchase price for comparable grey cabinets at other retailers. When you purchase your new cabinets from Lily Ann Cabinets, you'll get the best value guaranteed.