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Create your dream kitchen or bathroom with grey cabinets from Lily Ann Cabinets. Grey Kitchen cabinets are a timeless classic, providing just as much sophistication and style as white cabinets, but with a bit more personality. Our easy-to-assemble grey wood cabinets come in a variety of shades and finishes from light gray cabinets to dark gray cabinets so you can customize your design to fit any style. Whether you’re going for a modern grey kitchen cabinet look or a more traditional or rustic cabinet design, you’ll find that our selection of gray cabinetry can bring the perfect combination of warmth and sophistication to any kitchen or bathroom. Pair your grey cabinets with classic hardware and a complementary countertop to add dimension and contrast, or paint kitchen cabinets with light gray paint to lighten up the room. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating the perfect atmosphere with Lily Ann Cabinets' grey cabinets.

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Easy-to-Assemble Grey Cabinets

Lily Ann Cabinets is proud to provide customers with easy-to-assemble grey kitchen cabinets. Our cabinets require only two clips to assemble and don't require any prior experience or tools. With our detailed instructions, and even more resources available online like assembly videos, you can have your grey kitchen cabinets installed in no time. We strive to make installation easier than other cabinet companies who require multiple clips and professional installation services. If you ever run into any problems during the installation process, our customer service team is always ready to help.



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What Makes Our Grey Kitchen Cabinets Different

At Lily Ann Cabinets, our grey shaker cabinets provide the perfect balance of durability and aesthetic. The high-quality materials that our kitchen cabinets are crafted to allow them to last for years, while the modern design and sleek look add an extra layer of sophistication to any kitchen space. Our grey kitchen cabinets can be easily assembled with just a few tools, so you can save on costly installation fees. We offer an expansive selection of cabinet hardware options to choose from, allowing you to customize your cabinets with everything from decorative knobs to stainless steel handles. With so many design possibilities available, you’ll be sure to find the perfect grey cabinets for your kitchen.

Answers to Some Common Questions

What are the benefits of buying grey kitchen cabinets?

Grey kitchen cabinets are a timeless option for any home. They increase the resale value of your home and easily blend with any design scheme, from rustic to modern. Grey cabinets are also easy to paint over if a homeowner decides they would like a different cabinet color. Over all, you can never go wrong with grey kitchen cabinets.

Are grey kitchen cabinets better than white?

Grey kitchen cabinets may be better than white if you have children or are prone to making a mess in the kitchen. Grey kitchen cabinets hide stains better, yet they are still light enough to make a kitchen space feel large and roomy.

Why grey kitchen cabinets are trendy?

Grey kitchen cabinets are trendy because they blend well with any kitchen design style, from rustic to modern. They are quickly replacing white kitchen cabinets in popularity and are a great timeless touch to any kitchen design.

What color goes best with gray cabinets?

Gray cabinets pair best with colors white, beige and other shades of gray. If you want to go dark and moody, pair gray cabinets with a dark quartz countertop and black backsplash. To keep things bright, pair them with a white subway tile backsplash and light grey or white countertops.

How to pair countertops with gray cabinets?

The best way to pair countertops with grey cabinets is to order several samples of countertop options along with your grey cabinets. If you haven't installed grey cabinets yet, Lily Ann Cabinets offers FREE cabinet door samples so you can compare the cabinets with your kitchen finishes.

How to decorate with gray kitchen cabinets?

The best way to decorate with gray kitchen cabinets is to keep things simple and modern. A glossy backsplash, modern cabinet hardware, and new quartz countertops are all great ways to decorate a kitchen with gray cabinets.

What countertops go with gray cabinets?

The best countertop colors for gray cabinets include white, beige, other shades of grey, and black.

How can I finance grey kitchen cabinet?

Lily Ann Cabinets partners with Bread Pay™ so you can pay for your purchase over time at competitive rates. Clear, transparent terms, No prepayment penalties. Apply now and get a decision in seconds! Subject to approval of credit application. Bread Pay™ pay-over-time plans are loans made by Comenity Capital Bank.

How do I order the grey cabinets?

Ordering grey cabinets is easy with Lily Ann Cabinets! Order free grey cabinet samples on our website, then get your free 3D kitchen design and quote. We will provide an itemized quote including every grey cabinet you need to complete your kitchen or bathroom for less.

Can I use grey kitchen cabinets with white flooring?

Grey kitchen cabinets pair wonderfully with white flooring. White flooring provides contrast to the darker grey cabinetry. White flooring and grey cabinets is the perfect combination for modern, rustic or traditional kitchens.