Lazy Susans: Streamlining Storage and Accessibility in Corner Cabinets

Lazy Susans: Streamlining Storage and Accessibility in Corner Cabinets

Corner cabinets often pose a challenge when maximizing storage and accessibility. However, with the ingenious solution of lazy susans, navigating the depths of your corner cabinets has never been easier. At Lily Ann Cabinets, we offer a range of high-quality wood lazy susans designed to streamline your storage and enhance accessibility. Let's delve into how lazy susans can transform your corner cabinets.

1. Efficient Space Utilization:

Lazy_Susan organizer in white cabinets

Lily Ann Cabinets: Lazy Susan 

Lazy susans for cabinets optimize every inch of your corner cabinet, utilizing the often-underutilized space and providing easy access to all items stored within.

2. Smooth Rotation:

Wood Lazy Susan

Lily Ann Cabinets: Wood Lazy Susan

 Our wood lazy susans are designed for smooth rotation, allowing you to effortlessly reach items stored at the back of the cabinet without hassle.

3. Versatile Storage Solution:

Pots, pans, and canned goods organizer in corner cabinets


Whether it's pots, pans, canned goods, or spices, lazy susans for cabinets offer a versatile storage solution, accommodating a variety of items with ease.

4. Customizable Options:

lazy susans for cabinets

Lily Ann Cabinets: Blind Corner Base Caddy

At Lily Ann Cabinets, we offer lazy susans for cabinets in a range of sizes and configurations, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your corner cabinet needs.

5. Enhance Accessibility:

Corner cabinet with lazy susans

Say goodbye to awkwardly reaching into the depths of your corner cabinet. With lazy susans, everything is within reach, making retrieval and organization a breeze.

6. Durable Construction:

high-quality wood lazy susans

Lily Ann Cabinets: Roll-Out Shelf

Crafted from high-quality wood, our lazy susans are built to last, providing years of reliable service and enduring beauty to your kitchen.

7. Space-saving Design:

Cloud Tier Blind Corner Organizer

Lily Ann Cabinets: Cloud Tier Blind Corner Organizer

Unlike traditional shelving units, lazy susans take up minimal space while maximizing storage capacity, making them an ideal choice for smaller kitchens.

8. Reduce Clutter:

Almond Blind Corner Shelf

Lily Ann Cabinets- Almond Blind Corner Shelf

Keep your corner cabinet clutter-free and organized with the help of lazy susans, eliminating the frustration of rummaging through stacks of items to find what you need.

9. Easy Installation:

 Installing a lazy susan in your corner cabinet

Installing a lazy susan in your corner cabinet is a straightforward process, requiring minimal tools and effort for maximum convenience.

10. Seamless Integration:

Wood Blind Corner Half-Moon 2 Shelf

Lily Ann Cabinets: Wood Blind Corner Half-Moon 2 Shelf

Our solid wood lazy susans seamlessly integrate into your existing cabinetry, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of your kitchen space.

11. Time-saving Solution:

Chrome Two Tier Cookware Organizer

Lily Ann Cabinets: Chrome Two Tier Cookware Organizer

By providing easy access to stored items, lazy susans save you valuable time in the kitchen, allowing you to focus on cooking and meal preparation.

12. Accessibility for All:

Corner Cabinets


Lazy Susans make items stored in corner cabinets accessible to everyone, regardless of height or mobility limitations, promoting inclusivity in the kitchen.

13. Organization Made Simple:

corner cabinet organization


Keep your corner cabinet organized and tidy with lazy susans, ensuring that every item has its place and is easily accessible when needed.

14. Maximize Visibility:

lazy Susans cabinet


With lazy susans, you can easily see and access all items stored in your corner cabinet, eliminating the need to shuffle items around to find what you're looking for.

15. Enhance Kitchen Efficiency:

Enhance Kitchen Efficiency with Lazy Susans


By streamlining storage and accessibility, lazy susans contribute to a more efficient and enjoyable cooking experience, allowing you to work more effectively in your kitchen.

16. Quality Assurance:

Container Organizer

Lily Ann Cabinets: Container Organizer

Lily Ann Cabinets takes pride in offering lazy susans crafted from the finest wood materials, ensuring superior quality and durability that you can trust.

17. Customer Satisfaction:

Mixer/Appliance Lift Mechanism

Lily Ann Cabinets: Mixer/Appliance Lift Mechanism

Countless satisfied customers have experienced the benefits of incorporating lazy susans into their corner cabinets, enjoying the convenience and functionality they provide.

18. Affordable Solution:

Single Pull-Out Basket Chrome Wire

Lily Ann Cabinets: Single Pull-Out Basket Chrome Wire

Despite their numerous benefits, lazy susans are an affordable storage solution that delivers exceptional value for your money, making them a smart investment for any kitchen.

19. Transform Your Kitchen:

Double Soft Closing Slide Out Drawers

Lily Ann Cabinets: Double Soft Closing Slide Out Drawers

Elevate the functionality and organization of your kitchen with lazy susans from Lily Ann Cabinets, transforming your corner cabinets into efficient and accessible storage solutions.

20. Experience the Difference:

 Roll-Out Shelf

Lily Ann Cabinets: Roll-Out Shelf

Discover the difference that lazy susans can make in your kitchen storage and accessibility. Visit Lily Ann Cabinets today to explore our selection of wood lazy susans and revolutionize your corner cabinets.


Lazy susans for cabinets offer a practical and efficient solution for maximizing storage and accessibility in corner cabinets. With their smooth rotation, durable construction, and versatile design, lazy susans from Lily Ann Cabinets are the perfect addition to any kitchen, providing convenience, organization, and enhanced functionality. Say goodbye to cluttered and inaccessible corner cabinets and hello to a more efficient and enjoyable cooking experience with lazy susans.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. How does a lazy Susan work?

Lazy susans are round discs that rotate on bearings underneath. This spinning platform usually located in a corner cabinet is perfect for extra storage options!

2. What types of lazy susans are available?

There are 100s of different options available when it comes to lazy susans but the most popular are full circle lazy susans, pie cut lazy susans, half moon lazy susans, and kidney lazy susans.

3. Are lazy susans easy to clean?

Lazy susans are typically easy to clean. With warm water and dish soap, you can wipe down your lazy susan with a dish rag!

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