Premium Bathroom Vanity Top Materials: 10 ways to Style them

Premium Bathroom Vanity Top Materials: 10 ways to Style them

When it comes to designing a bathroom space that seamlessly blends functionality and aesthetics, the choice of vanity top material and style plays a pivotal role in defining the overall ambiance. With a myriad of options available, each material brings its own unique attributes and visual appeal, while various styles contribute distinct design aesthetics. 

From the timeless elegance of marble to the modern sleekness of stainless steel, and encompassing styles ranging from rustic charm to minimalist modernity, this guide will explore many bathroom vanity top materials and styles, empowering you to curate a space that perfectly aligns with your personal taste and desired ambiance.



A classic and luxurious option, marble vanity tops come in a variety of colors and patterns, adding elegance to your bathroom.

White shaker bathroom vanity with marble countertops, black matt fitting and fixtures, large rectangle mirror


Known for its durability and natural beauty, granite vanity tops are available in various colors and offer a polished and sophisticated look.

Modern bathroom feature white bathroom vanity with granite countertops, double sink with mirrors and beautiful lamp lights


Engineered quartz offers both durability and a wide range of color and pattern options. It's non-porous and easy to maintain.

Modern white bathroom features shaker vanity with quartz countertops, subway wall tiles, matt black hardwares and dark SPC flooring


Concrete vanity tops offer an industrial and contemporary feel. They can be customized with various textures, colors, and patterns.

Stylish bathroom features wall mounted vanity with black concrete countertop, double sink and mirrors and large white bath tub, separate shower area


Wooden vanity tops provide warmth and natural charm. Proper sealing is essential to protect the wood from moisture in the bathroom.

rustic style bathroom feature open wood shelves storage and black sink with steel faucet and separate shower area


Tile vanity tops allow for creativity and customization. You can choose from various tile materials, sizes, and patterns to achieve your desired style.

white small sink with black faucet and white subway tiles on wall


Affordable and available in numerous colors and patterns, laminate vanity tops are a budget-friendly option.

stainless steel sink with faucet and laminate vanity tops and

Stainless Steel:

For an industrial or contemporary aesthetic, stainless steel vanity tops are durable and easy to clean. They can create a unique focal point in your bathroom.

Dark theme bathroom features freestanding white bathtub, single sink with round mirror and black tile on floor and wall


1. Traditional:

A classic and timeless style characterized by intricate details, ornate fixtures, and rich colors.

Brown bathroom vanity with quartz countertops, double sink with mirrors and bathtub beside window

2. Modern:

Clean lines, minimalistic design, and a focus on functionality define modern bathroom vanity styles.

Minimalist bathroom design with white shaker vanity with black marble countertops, black matt hardwares, double sink with mirrors, pattern floor tiles

3. Transitional:

Combining elements of both traditional and modern design, transitional vanities offer a balanced and versatile look.

Simple bathroom design features transitional vanities and wood countertops, separate shower area

4. Rustic:

Rustic styles feature natural materials, distressed finishes, and a cozy, countryside charm.

Rustic styles bathroom feature natural materials vanity with quartz countertops, black faucet, double sink with mirrors

5. Industrial:

Inspired by urban lofts, industrial vanities incorporate raw materials, exposed hardware, and a utilitarian feel.

Industrial inspired bathroom design

6. Coastal:

Coastal or nautical styles evoke a beachy atmosphere with light colors, weathered finishes, and beach-inspired decor.

Coastal bathroom design with wood countertops, ceramic sink, stainless steel hardware and bathtub beside window

7. Scandinavian:

Known for its simplicity and functionality, the Scandinavian style features light colors, natural materials, and a clutter-free design.

Scandinavian bathroom design features wood vanity, marble countertop, bathtub, and tile floor.

8. Farmhouse:

Farmhouse vanities embrace a cozy and charming aesthetic with features like apron sinks, distressed wood, and vintage fixtures.

Farmhouse style bathroom features freestanding bathtub, double sink with mirror, wooden floor and towel stand

9. Mid-Century Modern:

This style draws from the 1950s and 1960s, featuring clean lines, geometric shapes, and a retro vibe.

Mid-Century Modern bathroom design features wall mounted wood vanity with sink

10. Art Deco:

luxurious style bathroom features double sink countertops with mirror, white floating shelves and black wall and floor tiles

Glamorous and luxurious, art deco vanities showcase bold patterns, metallic accents, and a touch of opulence.

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1. What kind of top is best for bathroom vanity?

Depending on your aesthetic, the most popular top for a bathroom vanity is quartz or marble. 

2. Can you just replace the top of a bathroom vanity?

Yes! Usually, bathroom vanities come without a top so you’ll be able to replace the top. 

3. What is the standard size of a bathroom vanity top?

18”-72” wide is a standard vanity. For a single vanity, the most popular widths are 24”, 30”, 36”, 48”. 

4. Is marble or quartz better for a bathroom vanity top?

Quartz is more durable and easy to maintain for years to come than marble. Which is why it is a more popular choice.

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