16 Striking Kitchen Ideas for Black Kitchen Cabinets

16 Striking Kitchen Ideas for Black Kitchen Cabinets

When you first choose to paint your kitchen cabinets black, you’ll realize that there are more decisions to make than just picking a color. Color schemes for kitchens with black cabinets can be creative and unique to set them apart from others. There are several different styles of cabinets to choose from, so you’ll need to figure out what type will work best with your kitchen’s layout and your interior design aesthetic. You’ll also have the opportunity to mix and match hardware and other elements, from paint colors to wall colors and more.

To help you figure it all out, here are 16 of the best black kitchen cabinet ideas!

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Black Shaker Cabinets

Modern Kitchen with Black shaker cabinets and open shelving designreDesign Home

If you’re one of those people who love black cabinets and are looking for something modern, black shaker cabinets are your best option. Shaker cabinets take their name from their style—they lack any ornamentation and have clean lines. With a sturdy wooden framework and simple flat doors, shaker cabinets are classic and easy to maintain. They work well in both traditional and modern kitchens. Black shaker cabinets give kitchens an elegant look with little maintenance required afterward.

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Black Raised Panel Cabinets

Sleek kitchen design with black raised panel cabinets and multifunctional island Trendir

When it comes to black cabinets, people typically think of sleek, modern styles. However, nothing says classic quite like a beautiful wooden raised panel door. This style works great with any color scheme and could easily be painted without damaging its original character. Just make sure you don’t paint over your hardware! Instead of painting all of your cabinets, consider creating contrast by painting just one or two raised panels or drawer fronts. This is also a great option if you want to keep some wood tones in your kitchen but are wary about getting too bold with colors. For example, black-stained maple cabinets paired with white painted raised panels look pretty spectacular in kitchens that incorporate other shades of gray into their design. Either way, you choose to go, there are endless options when it comes to using black cabinetry in contemporary spaces.

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Black Rustic Cabinets

Rustic Kitchen design with black cabinets, black subway tiles and natural wood island


Who says black cabinets have to be plain? Try rustic black cabinets with a white granite countertop and stainless steel appliances to achieve a look that's equally urban and natural. Wood flooring will complement your rustic theme while providing much-needed warmth underfoot. If you want to add some more color in your kitchen without painting everything, play with decor pieces like plants or art—just don't overdo it! When in doubt, stick with neutral colors that won't clash with your décor. Once you've gotten all of your style tips together, your kitchen will look stunning!

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Black Minimalist Cabinets

Black and white minimalistic kitchen design with eccentric countertops, fun backsplashes and unique flooringClem Around The Corner

One of our favorite types of kitchens is a black and white minimalistic kitchen, where all of your focus and attention are on what's inside. With sleek, discrete kitchen cabinets, it opens up the possibility to present numerous other types of stylistic elements. This can be anything from eccentric countertops, fun backsplashes to unique flooring. This look creates an open, airy feeling that helps to elevate even a modest kitchen into something spectacular.

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Painting Existing Cabinets Black

Before and After Kitchen Cabinets from natural wood to black cabinetsLick

Start with a simple and inexpensive can of spray paint in an enamel finish. Apply several light coats rather than one heavy coat, as heavy coats often result in bubbles that need to be smoothed out before more paint is applied. Wait until each coat dries thoroughly before applying another layer.

After all coats are dry, use sandpaper or steel wool to remove any remaining rough spots on your cabinets. You may also want to add new hardware such as cabinet knobs and drawer pulls or handles at this time; remember these will contrast with black so choose accordingly. Finally, wipe down your cabinets after they've dried completely—even if they look perfect—to ensure no smudges remain; doing so will help protect them against scratches in the future.

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Wall Color Options For Black Kitchens

What color should you paint your walls with black cabinets? Whether you’re going with a traditional shaker-style cabinet or a rustic raised panel cabinet, there are several possible color schemes for kitchens with black cabinets, but first there are a few things to consider when choosing wall colors that look great with black cabinets. From lighting and flooring options to paint colors, these tips will help you create a stunning kitchen design. Let’s start by looking at some different paint colors to compliment your black kitchen cabinets.

White Walls With Black Cabinets

White walls with black kitchen cabinets and small island Kitchen Design

Style Curator

White walls are a perfect backdrop for black cabinets. Matching your wall color to your cabinets is a simple way to make a major style statement. Plus, black cabinetry tends to look best when paired with light colored tiles and flooring (think travertine or marble) so choosing neutral wall tile or color will provide contrast between both elements of your design. For those on a budget, painting your existing wall color is an affordable way to freshen up your kitchen without having to completely overhaul it.

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Gray Walls With Black Cabinets

gray walls with black kitchen cabinets and quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances kitchen design Designing Idea

Whether you’re looking to take a modern approach or want a traditional feel, you can’t go wrong with gray walls and black cabinets. If you have cream, white or tan cabinets, choosing a wall color that contrasts will make them stand out even more—which is exactly what you want in your kitchen!

Brown Walls With Black Cabinets

Brown walls with black kitchen cabinets and pendent light over island kitchen design Pinterest

Maybe black and brown isn’t your first choice when you think of a kitchen color scheme. It doesn’t have to be, either! Brown walls and black cabinets can really make your space feel cozy and relaxed, so long as you use plenty of wood accents and warm lighting.

Green Walls With Black Cabinets

Green walls with black kitchen cabinets and open shelving kitchen designPinterest

If you’re not opposed to taking a risk, green walls are a fun way to add color and freshness to any kitchen. If your cabinets aren’t white (or if you plan on painting them black), start with a light green hue that won’t clash with darker-colored doors and drawers. Accent one wall or do an entire accent wall—this can be totally up to you! Have fun with it!

Black Hardware on Black Cabinets

Black hardware on black kitchen cabinets, and white backsplash, open shelves kitchen designThe Spruce

Let’s face it—while black cabinets are very popular, they can be a bit stark and harsh. To help soften them up, many homeowners opt to use black hardware on their kitchen cabinets. The effect is absolutely stunning. By doing so, you allow your beautiful marble countertops or natural wood floors to shine even brighter (if that’s possible).

Gold Hardware on Black Cabinets

Gold hardware on black kitchen cabinets, marble wall backsplash and open shelving design


Gold accents on black cabinets help liven up darker spaces, and can even make an otherwise dull kitchen feel rich and warm. This is a very popular style in modern homes. It’s no wonder why: Gold fixtures work beautifully against dark walls, giving your space a rich, earthy appeal. You can add a touch of elegance to virtually any room with gold hardware on black cabinets!

Silver Hardware on Black Cabinets

Silver hardware on black cabinets, Open shavelings and wooden flooring

The Creativity Exchange

Silver hardware and black cabinets are a classic look that never goes out of style. It’s a timeless pairing, perfect for nearly any décor theme. When selecting silver hardware, make sure you pick hardware in a similar style (shaker or clean lines) so it doesn’t stand out too much. While you can use any silver hardware on your black kitchen cabinets, if you have an eclectic or farmhouse design theme going on you may want to opt for a more rustic-looking option.

The Best Appliances For Black Kitchen Cabinets

Two tone white and black cabinets, wooden countertop and range hood kitchen design

The Kitchn

When choosing appliances for your kitchen remodel, it’s important to keep in mind their aesthetic appeal. Black cabinets can look particularly striking with black appliances. Keep in mind that black is just one option among a sea of colors—whether you’re going more neutral or flashy, stainless steel, black, and sleek white appliances are all potential options.

The Best Flooring Options For Black Kitchen Cabinets

Laminate, tile, and hardwood flooring are all excellent options. Laminate is less expensive but not as durable; tile and hardwood are more long-lasting but also pricier. Tiles are an especially attractive option in kitchens with black countertops because they complement each other well. Remember that if you go with a darker color of laminate or tile, it's best to choose a lighter shade of wall color so that your kitchen doesn't end up feeling too dark and dreary.

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The Best Countertops For Black Kitchens

Modern Kitchen design with black cabinets, marble countertop and backsplash and pendent light over islandRanney Blair

If you're planning to paint your kitchen cabinets black, you'll probably want to update your countertops as well. White or lighter colors like gray and beige will contrast perfectly with dark cabinets. If a lighter countertop color isn't an option, use white backsplash tiles to create contrast instead. When choosing between glossy and matte finishes, choose matte to avoid distracting reflections on glossy surfaces—your glossy (black) cabinets need all of the spotlight they can get! Black cabinets look beautiful when paired with quartz or marble countertops. Lastly, consider using materials other than solid wood for your countertops; porcelain tile is another great option that provides elegance without sacrificing durability or price point.

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1. What are good hardware options for black kitchen cabinets?

Hardware for black kitchen cabinets can realistically be anything depending on the style of space that you are going for. Gold hardware is great for warming up the space, silver is timeless, black will be hardly noticeable against black cabinets (that may be a look you are going for), and brass is perfect for a vintage/rustic feel.

2. What are good colors to go with black kitchen cabinets?

Colors that go well with black kitchen cabinets are shades of green, blue, gray, white, and tan.

3. Where can I buy inexpensive kitchen cabinets?

Lily Ann Cabinets sells RTA (Ready-To-Assemble) cabinets at up to 50% off box store pricing and has numerous different cabinet styles to choose from!

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