Garage Remodel Guide

Garage Remodel Guide

For many homeowners, the garage is one of the most over or under used parts of their home. Many homeowners can’t even fit a car in their garage because it is cluttered and unorganized. The garage tends to be the dumping ground for miscellaneous items that don’t have a place. Want to learn how to remodel a garage? We have some great remodeling tips for you if you’re looking to transform your garage into a space you’re proud of.

Step 1: Purge and Clean

Before any remodeling can begin, you need to assess the situation. If your garage is filled with clutter and random items, the first thing you need to do is purge and clean the space. Get rid of those items you’re not using and find room for the things you are. Hold a garage sale or give things to your local donation center to quickly eliminate things you’re not using.

Step 2: Plan and Sketch

Now that you’ve decluttered, it’s time to create a blueprint of the garage to help you visualize the space. Make sure any shelving you buy fits the proper dimensions, and measure the length of the walls and ceilings so you can estimate how much paint to buy if you plan on painting the walls.

Step 3: Paint

This step is optional but if you want to make your garage feel more bright and welcoming, painting the walls is the way to go! When painting garage walls, use a primer before using your paint color, so you don’t have to apply multiple coats.

Step 4: Installation

Now it’s time to install any shelving units and storage pieces you have for the garage. Utilizing shelves and other storage pieces will make your garage more organized. Installing shelves removes the clutter from the ground and makes room for your car to go into the garage. Check out our cabinet selection for some great storage options.

Step 5: Organize

Once everything is installed, and together, it’s time to put your stuff back in place. Using different containers and labels makes the organizing process that much easier. Using drawers and drawer inserts are a great option to keep things organized. Check out some of our collection! Once everything has a place and is labeled, it will be super easy to find later.

The Takeaway:

When it comes to remodeling any part of your home it is always important to make it your own. Play around with different colors and textures for storage and decor to make your garage look and feel the way you want it!

We hope this guide gives you some inspiration for your garage. Anything can be customizable and made to your liking, you just need to figure out what works best for you and your space!

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1. In What order should I renovate my garage?

Always start a garage remodel with the flooring and the wall paint! You don’t want to begin your renovation by placing cabinetry or other large pieces of storage within your garage until you update these two aspects of your garage. For flooring, think about painting the current floor a color that will give your garage dimension or add enamel to give your garage flooring grip.

2. How do I remodel my garage on a budget?

When looking to do minor updates to your garage, think about adding wall features that will help declutter the space like magnetic tool shelves, a workbench, or ceiling bike hangers/shelves. Find more ideas at the LifeStorageBlog.

3. Does redoing the garage increase home value?

The garage is not a key focus for many people unlike a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel. Updating your garage is based on personal preference and most likely will not increase the overall value of your home.

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