How to Organize Your Bathroom for More Space

How to Organize Your Bathroom for More Space

When There is Clutter in the Bathroom

How do we organize our area in the bathroom? It can be so hard when there’s clutter everywhere, and it's no fun for you and whoever you might be sharing bathroom counter space with. That is why we have created a comprehensive list on how you can organize your bathroom space and optimize on the storage available to you!

Tips to Take to Conquer More Bathroom Space

  • Make room for length and height in different parts of the bathroom with cabinetry!
  • Bathroom necessities should be labeled and organized for easy access
  • Medicine cabinets that are utilized as extra storage 
  • Consider your over-the-toilet and bath area
  • Free up counter space
  • Use hooks versus towel racks
  • Simplicity is key

Bathroom Cabinetry

The cabinetry in your bathroom should not only accent the space but should utilize the space in a way that allows for as much storage opportunities as possible. 

If you have straight across cabinet sinks, utilize space in between to create vertical storage space like the image above, or if you have separated sink areas, utilize open wall space for a potential wall cabinet. This added storage will allow any unwanted bathroom essentials to be out of sight while still being easily accessible when needed. 

Labeling and Organization 

Who doesn’t love an aesthetic looking organization system? If you are a fan of the Home Edit, then this tip is for you! 

Bathroom essentials like cleaning supplies, cotton balls, q-tips, and other bulk items are easily consolidated into glass jars or smaller containers that can be labeled and placed within cabinetry or on countertops to conserve space and create a more cohesive look to your bathroom. 

No one wants to see half packaged goods that take up too much space when they can be easily squared away in a more tidy situation. Try finding containers that fit your bathroom’s aesthetic and place those smaller items in them, so you can find them when necessary and not just lying about. 

Medicine Cabinets

According to HomeDepot, “Often overlooked as modern storage solutions, medicine cabinets can be a great addition to your space. Most models feature plenty of storage inside and a mirror outside, so they can blend seamlessly into your bathroom when placed above the sink. Some also include fog-free glass that won’t steam up when you take a hot bath or shower.” 

A medicine cabinet in the bathroom goes a long way to keep all your prescriptions and over-the-counter medications in a safe and reliable place. It’s easy to store and provides less clutter in the bathroom.

Like added cabinetry, medicine cabinets will be a great place for those smaller items that you can reach at a moment’s notice like skincare products, toiletry items and more without them having to be placed out on the countertops causing clutter. This is also a great solution if your home doesn’t come with mirrors above the sink already! 

We also highly suggest using medicine cabinets in your half baths to provide guests with any necessities they might need while visiting your home. 

HGTV’s advice for medicine cabinets are, “Make your medicine cabinet a repository of things you need and regularly use, which means chucking any outdated medicines and relocating excess to another location. The way to achieve a clean countertop is to change the medicine cabinet; They are better used for everyday grooming supplies rather than medicines. Keep items in labeled storage bins underneath the sink or the linen closet. When you need to use something, slide the whole container out for easy access. Creating "active" storage in your medicine cabinet will minimize time spent in the bathroom, giving you more time to organize another space in the house”.

A medicine cabinet from Lily Ann Cabinets is an easy and affordable option that will provide ample storage space, and keeps everything in place for you in your bathroom. 

Bathroom Wall Cabinet Filler

Like shelves, bathroom wall cabinets can store towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, or anything else your bathroom needs while being located over the toilet for easy access. These cabinets come in various finishes, sizes, and materials, so you’ll have no trouble finding cabinets to suit your taste and budget.

This is another option for utilizing bathroom wall space for storage purposes and finding the best places for your bathroom essentials.

Triple Robe Hook 

Many bathrooms feature a towel bar to hang your towels between uses, however, it is better to use towel rings that will allow for many towels to be hung at one time conserving space and leaving your bathroom looking organized without towels strewn about. 

The triple robe hook is a handy dandy way of keeping robes, clothes and towels in one place. The zinc alloy construction is safe and sturdy to withstand many uses and there are three hooks so that the whole family can have their own hook, so there are no excuses for towels being left on the ground!

Simplicity and Counterspace

Overall, these storage and organization tips for your bathroom are to help simplify the clutter and clear off the counter space so that you can have a clean and low stress experience when enjoying your morning and night routine! 

Check out the Lily Ann Cabinets website for all your bathroom storage needs and start organizing your bathroom today!



1. How do you organize towels in a small bathroom? 

There are many different options for placing your towels in your bathroom including hiding them in cabinetry, hanging them with hooks, and more! Check out this blog by Craftsy Hacks for more ideas on where to put your towels in your bathroom. 

2. Where to get corner bathroom cabinets? 

Lily Ann Cabinets offers cabinetry to fit any space in your bathroom! Let us help design your bathroom today. 

3. How to buy bathroom vanities for small bathrooms? 

Need a custom vanity for your bathroom? We can construct the custom cabinetry and give you the countertop, sink, and hardware you will love!

4. How many shelves do you need to keep things organized in the bathroom?

There is no right answer for this, but there are plenty of places to have shelves to organize your space! Check out this blog by Kitchen & Bath Classics for more.

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