Easy Kitchen Organization Tips

Easy Kitchen Organization Tips

The kitchen of your dreams is within grasp. The excitement is tangible. But wait, fear creeps in. You wonder, “How am I going to keep up a functional, practical, and organized kitchen while maintaining the aesthetic I thoughtfully curated?” Fear not! We are here to show you that it is possible and easier than you imagined. This list of organization tips and tricks will shake that fear out of your head and show you how you can achieve your dream kitchen.

Organization Tips

When organizing your kitchen keep functionality and how you would practically operate in your kitchen in mind. Small organizational changes can make a big impact on the overall function and look of your kitchen! 

Organization Tips

  • Floating Shelves: Add floating shelves near your stove. This not only creates a design element but also functional decor. On these shelves, you can place commonly used spices, utensils, cookbooks, or plates and cups for easy access. 
    • Now instead of having to go to a pantry or cupboard and take things out your commonly used pieces are within an arm's reach.
  • Make your stove a focal piece: You can store your dutch oven or any other frequently used cookware on top of your stove. Thus creating a homey and warm display while having this cookware at the ready.
  • Stack cutting boards. Rather than storing away cutting boards in a drawer try standing them upright on your counter. Creating a display out of your cutting boards not only provides a charming look but also leaves them ready to grab.

Store bakeware vertically

  • Store bakeware vertically. We have all experienced the hassle of trying to grab a cookie sheet at the bottom of the pile and either having to take everything out of it all falling out of the cupboard. Getting inserts and storing bakeware vertically minimizes this issue. 
  • Now you can properly see your selection and easily access the one you desire. 
  • Utensils drawer organizers. Rather than throwing utensils into a drawer and hoping for the best, we recommend getting a utensil drawer organizer. This provides a place for each grouping of cutlery or utensil and makes it easier to grab what is needed.

Create a kid-friendly cabinet

  • Create a kid-friendly cabinet. Pick a lower cabinet or section in your pantry and dedicate it to the kids' lunchboxes and snacks. This allows kids a space where they can go to grab snacks without having to look through and disrupt your other areas. While also giving the kids some independence in getting to go and pick out their snacks.
  • Clear bins. Clear bins are an organization’s best friend. Rather than randomly placing food and pantry staples in your cabinets or pantry and things falling or getting lost, try clear bins. You can organize the bins into categories and write on the front of the bins indicating what is inside. Then, rather than searching and moving things you can easily pull out the bin and get what you need.
    Tip: try taking things that are pre-packaged out of their big box and place them in the bins to save space and have easy access. 
  • Under the sink organization. Under the sink is everyone's nightmare. But it doesn't have to be! To utilize space try stacking bins or getting an organizer that goes on your cabinet door. 
  • K-Cup drawer organizer. Coffee is a necessity but if you use a Keurig, having your k-cup boxes everywhere can be a nightmare. Instead try getting k-cup drawer organizers. This frees up counter space and provides a designated place for your k-cups without the boxes.

Cabinet Inserts

Cabinet Inserts

If you are still in the design stage or are looking to utilize your space for larger organization and practicality purposes you should look into adding cabinet inserts.

  • Spice drawer/rack organizer. Adding in a spice drawer or spice rack organizer makes cooking so much easier. This allows you to quickly check what spices you have and grab what you need for a recipe. Once done cooking spices can go back to their home. 
    For a clean look, you can also try getting all the same size spice jars and writing on either the lid or jar what the spice is.

Spice drawer/rack organizer

  • Mixer stand pull-out. For my bakers out there you are well aware of how vital, and often used, your stand mixer is. In the past there were only two options: have your mixer take up valuable counter space or store it and have to take it out and put it away every time you wanted to use it. There is now a solution to this age-old dilemma! A mixer stand stores your mixer when not in use in a cabinet. The stand can pull out and pop up when needed. Beautiful. 
  • Trash Can pull-out insert. We all know that trash cans aren’t pretty but essential. Getting a trash can pull-out cabinet installed hides away your trash can while also freeing up floor space.

Trash Can pull-out insert

Here at Lily Ann, we are your one-stop shop for cabinet drawer organizers and inserts! We hope that our tips and tricks have shown you that utilizing your kitchen to its full potential and maintaining your crafted aesthetic is not just stuff of fairytales. 


How to organize kitchen cabinets?

Organize your kitchen cabinets by utilizing the many different cabinet inserts that Lily Ann Cabinets offers! Help keep utensils, plates, and other kitchen necessities organized by heading to this link.

How to organize a small kitchen?

Keeping small kitchens clean and organized can be a struggle if you have too many things taking up space! Here are a few tips to help minimize the clutter and optimize your small kitchen:


  1. Declutter:  If you don’t need it, get rid of it! Get rid of unnecessary items that aren’t used often and that are impractical for you and your space including duplicates of things or single-function items.
  2. Organize Objects: Neatly put away plates, glasses, and other kitchenware in cabinets for easy access.
  3. Utilize Organization Tools: Drawer inserts, spice racks, lazy susans, and cabinet inserts are all great ways to organize smaller items and keep them off the counters or shoved in cabinets where they are unable to be found.

How to organize kitchen drawers?

Need help keeping your kitchen drawers organized? Lily Ann Cabinets also offers drawer inserts to keep your kitchen drawers from being just another junk drawer!

How to organize a kitchen pantry?

Keeping your pantry organized is tough when you have a lot of food that you can never seem to find! Here are a few steps to a more organized pantry:

  1. Throw away outdated food items and organize the food you want to keep.
  2. Utilize clear containers with labels so you can easily see the food you have and know exactly what it is when looking at the container. 
  3. Categorize food on certain shelves so you know where to look every time you open your pantry door. 
  4. Try to maintain the system that works for you! You can’t be lazy when it comes to an organization or you will be back where you started.

How to organize under the kitchen sink?

The under-sink space can be used multiple ways depending on your needs! Use cabinet pull-out insert to make for easy organization of cleaning supplies and other kitchen supplies that might not be safe to be placed near food items.

You can also use the pull-out inserts to hide your trash bins under the sink for easy access!

How to organize a kitchen countertop?

To keep your counters looking clean and organized, you want to keep as much unnecessary kitchen items off them as possible. Utilize jars and other containers to hold items that can’t fit in your cabinets or pantry. This will give an aesthetic presentation to something that might look unappealing in a box that looks out of place in your beautiful kitchen. If you have kitchenware or utensils out on the counter, make sure to space them out from one another so that the counter space doesn’t look cluttered.

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