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If you've watched any of the home and garden TV shows, you know all about rustic and farmhouse cabinets. One of the most popular recent trends, rustic kitchen cabinets bring back old, traditional feel with distressed wood stains, antique white cabinets, and large farmhouse tub sinks. The idea behind farmhouse kitchen cabinets and rustic bathroom cabinets is that they feel lived in, a homey, welcoming feel that is warm and bright. If you are looking for the best rustic cabinets online, Lily Ann is the place to shop. Browse our rustic cabinets below or begin your free kitchen design.

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Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

The lived-in style of rustic kitchen cabinets brings warmth to your home whether you choose wood stained kitchen cabinets or off-white cabinets. Rustic cabinets can be what you want them to be. Bring your design together with exposed brick, copper and iron embellishments, warm, neutral colors, and subtle decorations. Our cabinets give a custom-designed look without the high price tag. We have a variety of farmhouse kitchen cabinets to choose from. Need help imagining the final product? Use our free design tool to help you find the best rustic kitchen cabinets online.


Rustic Bathroom Cabinets

Carry on the comforting feel of your farmhouse kitchen by incorporating rustic bathroom cabinets in your home. Bathrooms are no longer just a place to freshen up; they are your at-home spa, escape from the hustle and bustle of day to day to relax and catch your breath. You want your bathrooms to be relaxing, light, and airy, and what better way than installing rustic bathroom cabinets? Choose the style and finish that match your personality and dream design with our selection of affordable, easy to install rustic bathroom cabinets.


Easy to Install Rustic Cabinets

Why spend the money on having a contractor install your new rustic cabinets when you could do it yourself, easily, at a fraction of the price.? Lily Ann Cabinets has the lowest prices on RTA rustic kitchen cabinets with a simplified installation process so hiring the pros isn't necessary. We have online resources to guide you through the process, instructions that come with the cabinets, and an expert customer service team ready to answer any questions.


Experts in Rustic and Farmhouse Cabinetry

Rustic kitchens and bathrooms are one of the most popular trends right now, so we can help you build that farmhouse feel. Every style of farmhouse cabinets we offer, we know in and out. We don't just buy and resell cabinets; we know our cabinets. We have a warehouse full of rustic kitchen and bathroom cabinets look to make their way into your home. When you call our customer service team for help buying, designing, or installing, you will talk to a real person who knows details about our cabinets, not just manufacturer summaries.


Affordable Rustic Wood Cabinets

There is nowhere else online that offers high-quality, easy-to-install, rustic wood cabinets at our prices. We don't skimp on quality just to bring you low prices. Our rustic cabinets are the best in the industry so start shopping today.

Answers to Some Common Questions

Where to buy rustic kitchen cabinets?

Lily Ann Cabinets offers rustic kitchen cabinets. Our York Driftwood Grey is one of our most popular and it gives off a rustic farmhouse vibe!

How to make cabinets look rustic?

Your cabinets should have a natural wood grain and you can add a color such as a natural looking brown or a grey!

What color cabinets are rustic?

Wood cabinets are traditional for rustic kitchens!

What is a modern rustic kitchen?

A modern rustic style kitchen leans more toward whites, neutrals, and earthy tones. It gives off a welcoming and radiates a relaxing vibe.