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Bring the warmth into your kitchen or bathroom with antique white cabinets. Compared to traditional white cabinets, the off-white cabinets have a softer tone that complements a rustic style. Antique white cabinets are timeless, unlike brightly colored and wood stained that can change with the trends, so when you want to paint your walls or update your counter, your cabinets can stay put. Lily Ann’s antique white cabinets have full overlay on the doors and drawers have full extension including the drawer glides. Our antique white kitchen cabinets are also soft close adjustable and ready to assemble!

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Off White Kitchen Cabinets

One popular trend is farmhouse style kitchens. Farmhouse kitchens often include antique white cabinets, farmhouse sinks, real wood floors, and simple decor. Not only are antique white kitchen cabinets timeless and versatile, but they also disguise stains and spills because the cabinets are an off-white color.


Antique White Bathroom Cabinets

Just like kitchens, bathrooms are trending with farmhouse and rustic features like off-white cabinets. The antique white cabinets provide value to your home as they are timeless and never go out of style.


Ready To Assemble Off White Cabinets

The hardest part about buying new cabinetry is the installation process. You're usually faced with two choices: spend hours trying to figure out how to install them yourself or open your checkbook to hire professionals. Neither are very appealing options, but with antique white kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets from Lily Ann Cabinets, you have a third option. Our RTA cabinets fit together like a puzzle with easy Assembly instructions and fewer clips to worry about. Install our kitchen and bathroom cabinets in half the time as other cabinets.

Get started with our professional designers using our free 3D design tool on our website and order a free cabinet door sample to see what antique white cabinets would look like in your home!

Answers to Some Common Questions

Is antique white a good color for kitchen cabinets?

Yes. Antique white is a great color for kitchen cabinets because it is timeless and hides spills and messes if you have frequent guests over or have children.

Are antique white cabinets in style?

Yes! Antique white cabinets haven’t gone out of style and are considered timeless.

What color goes well with antique white cabinets?

Warm colors included cream, beige, and brown.

How do you paint cabinets to look antique white?

Using an off-white color to paint your cabinets and you can add glaze to your cabinets as well.

What color backsplash goes with antique white cabinets?

Cream, beige, and brown backsplashes go best with antique white cabinets.

What hardware goes with antique white cabinets?

Black and silver goes best with antique white cabinets.

What's the difference between white and antique white?

Antique white cabinets are off-white while white cabinets are brighter.