What is a Bevel?

Any edge with angle of less than ninety degrees can be referred to as a bevel. Beveled edges can be found on a wide variety of furnishings and serve both stylistic and practical purposes. Though often added for aesthetic reasons, edges of this nature are also less likely to cause injuries that can occur from accidental contact with sharp perpendicular angles.

A beveled edge is created by joining two pieces of wood together at an angle, though the term can also refer to a slant or slope cut from a single piece of wood. A bevel rule or sliding bevel is used in that process to ensure the correct angle of a cut. Typically, beveling is used to create smooth angles on countertops, cabinets, tabletops, and any other furnishing where sharp edges can be dangerous. Bevels that appear on baseboards, molding and trim, meanwhile, are primarily added for aesthetic reasons.