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Brown cabinets can give you the best of both worlds. If you can’t decide between dark brown cabinets and light natural wood cabinets, brown cabinetry comes in a variety of tones, giving you a wide range of brown tones to choose from. The versatility of brown kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities let you design the cabinets around the decor, complementing both modern and traditional designs. Brown and white cabinets are a popular choice among homeowners and designers alike thanks to the timeless, comfortable feel. Adding wooden flooring with your dark brown kitchen cabinets or in your bathroom matches well with any brown hue color in your cabinetry!

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Brown Kitchen Cabinets

Whether you go with the sleek, modern feel of espresso cabinets or go for the light cabinet feel with rustic touches, brown kitchen cabinets can tie everything together in your luxurious kitchen. Our easy-to-install brown kitchen cabinets feature doors and drawers made in 5-piece construction for a professional look with a cohesive, functional design. Whether you get brown shaker cabinets or raised panel cabinets, the rich brown hues are strong and long lasting thanks to our 12-step finishing process.


Brown Bathroom Vanities

Simplify the look of the bathrooms in your home with RTA brown cabinets. Our bathroom vanities are known for their fine craftsmanship, easy assembly, and soft-close drawers and doors. Using a 12-step finishing process, your brown cabinets won't fade due to age or wear and tear because the color is there to last. Turn your bathroom into a rustic oasis with light brown cabinets or give it a sleek, modern spa-like feel with dark espresso cabinets. The possibilities are endless with Lily Ann Cabinet's extensive inventory of brown bathroom cabinets.

With white kitchens being the most popular cabinets currently, two-toning your kitchen with brown lowers and white upper cabinets you can achieve a beautiful color scheme without breaking the bank. Adding a white countertop with your two-toned kitchen is very popular and a beautiful choice! If you aren’t looking to make brown cabinets, you can incorporate brown into your kitchen using hardwood flooring.

Shop with Lily Ann Cabinets for the best prices on RTA brown kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets. You can also use our free 3D design tool with our professional designers for kitchen designs.

Answers to Some Common Questions

Are brown cabinets coming back?

Light brown cabinets are making a comeback!

What color goes good with brown cabinets?

White is incredibly beautiful with brown cabinets.

What kind of countertops go with brown cabinets?

White countertops go best with brown cabinets.

What is a good accent color to brown?

Whites, creams, and beige is a good accent color to brown!