William and Judith

William and Judith's kitchen is such an amazing renovation. Our White Shaker Elite and glass uppers with cabinet lighting is insanely beautiful and really draws you into their kitchen.

Elyse Arsulowicz
Elyse Arsulowicz

Renovation Details:

  • Type: Cabinets
  • Style: White Shaker Elite
  • Color: White
  • Room: Kitchen

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  • William and Judith
  • William and Judith
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White Shaker Elite Kitchen Cabinets

White Shaker Elite Kitchen Cabinets

Our unique, contemporary White Shaker cabinets are ultra high-end, yet available to you at affordable prices. They complement almost every home, adding a casual, modern look and charming cozy feel. You’ll quickly see why they have become the “People’s Choice” above all of our kitchen cabinets.

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Products Used In This Renovation

The customized cabinets from Lily Ann Cabinets completely transformed my kitchen! The durability and attention to detail exceeded my expectations. I finally have a kitchen that perfectly suits my style and needs.

- William and Judith