Light Grey Cabinets

Light grey kitchen cabinets will give your kitchen a high-end luxury impression without being too dark or distracting from other design elements. Our RTA kitchen cabinets come in a variety of light grey shades and are easy to assemble. Light grey kitchen cabinets look wonderful with wood floors and allow you to make bolder choices with the color of your counters or any other part of your kitchen. Too much grey can be depressing, but light grey kitchen cabinets allow you to make bold choices elsewhere, spicing up the kitchen while still looking clean, fresh, and sleek. Browse all of our light grey cabinets for a modern, and versatile choice in your remodel and request a free cabinet door sample so you can see the color in your own home before you buy!

Light Grey Cabinets

RTA Light Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Light Grey kitchen cabinets provide a modern, sleek and luxurious look for your kitchen that is as versatile as it is striking. Your guests will be stunned by the clean lines and the grey cabinets’ ability to not overpower the overall look and feel of your kitchen. All of our light grey cabinets are constructed of real wood and have a variety of features available such as soft-closing and dovetailed construction for easy assembly and a more durable cabinet. Use our free kitchen design tool to visualize how light grey cabinets will transform your kitchen!


Beautiful Light Grey Cabinets in the Bathroom

Light grey cabinets can transform more than just your kitchen. This light grey aesthetic can also look amazing in the bathroom, and with the many design options we have at Lily Ann Cabinets, you are sure to find one that matches your remodel perfectly. Bring this modern look to your master bath and enjoy that luxurious feeling every time you enter your bathroom!


RTA Light Grey Kitchen Cabinets That Are Incredibly Easy To Install

The thought of assembling your cabinets can be overwhelming, but luckily our RTA cabinets look great and are designed for ease of assembly! Our light grey cabinets can not only save you thousands with self-assembly, but they are designed with careful attention to detail, beautiful finishes and the end user assembling in mind. Our unique dovetailed design means you don't need to struggle with metal brackets and instead, cabinet pieces simply interlock together, and most cabinet styles can be put together in 10 minutes or less. Not to worry, we also offer assembly service as an option in the checkout process just in case!


Light Grey Cabinets With Unparalleled Customer Service

There is no need to speak with a middle-man when purchasing from Lily Ann Cabinets. We manufacture all of our own cabinets meaning we are the experts behind the product and not a salesperson trying to reach a quota. Our customer service team is always available and would love to help you with any questions or concerns before, or after the purchase of your light grey kitchen cabinets. Contact us today, and we can help to put together your order, offer quotes, free design help, or answer any questions you may have!


Beautiful Light Grey Kitchen Cabinets at a Fraction of The Cost

When you order direct from the cabinet manufacturer, you save money! There is no need to go to a third party and speak to a sales team to purchase your RTA light grey kitchen cabinets. We cut out the middleman and those saving go directly back to you. Shop with us and our factory direct model and save up to 50% of what you might have to spend with local improvement, big box stores, or other online retailers who simply dropship cabinets from third-party cabinet-makers at an inflated price. Your dream kitchen remodel is closer to reality than you might think. Contact us today and order your new light grey kitchen cabinets!