What is a Trim Molding

Small pieces of wood used to "finish" a room's appearance are typically referred to as Trim Molding. Trim Molding can be found along doors, floors, windows, ceilings and cabinets. Though its purposes are usually decorative, this style of molding can also be used to conceal gaps or flaws within the construction of a project or space.While Trim Molding is typically thin and narrow, its look is often accentuated by the curves or other designs being cut into the wood. Likewise, Trim Molding can maintain the wood's natural color or be stained in order to fit into the decor of the space. Those who wish to eschew wood in their design can find Trim Molding made of plastic polymers; though the material is more expensive than wood, it's also lighter, easier to handle, as just as easily cut to achieve a specific size and look.