What is a Refinishing

Refinishing refers to the process in which the original stain or sealant is removed from a cabinet and replaced by a new stain or sealant. The original finish is typically removed through a thorough sanding and cleaning of the cabinet's wood, which is typically refinished immediately afterwards.

Though the reasons for refinishing are varied, they typically revolve around a remodeler's desire to change the style of their cabinets or reinforce their outer protection. It can often be too expensive and time-consuming to completely remodel one's kitchen or bathroom to fit the latest style, and as such refinishing represents a comparativelyeasy and inexpensive way to freshen the look of your space. Likewise, none but the most wealthy and particular homeowners would consider replacing their cabinets just because the original finish had been stripped away. If the wood of the cabinetry is still healthy and strong, a new finish can help to ensure that health and strength for several more years to come.