What is a Putty

Putty is a general term for any soft and malleable paste that is designed to fill and seal gaps and openings in a material. Most putty is designed to dry and harden after a few hours, making it a useful compound to have on hand when woodworking and cabinet making. There are many different types of putty available, including painter's putty, plumber's putty, Pratley's putty, and more. Putty used for woodworking is typically water-based due to their low odor, ease of cleanup and compatibility with both water-based and latex sealers.

Putty can be used in woodworking to hide flaws or minor imperfections in furniture or cabinets. Since wood putty often contains wood dust, it is the best product available to fill gaps or cover minor flaws. One of the most challenging parts of working with wood putty is finding the right shade to match the wood you are working with. Putty can also be used to fill screw holes. Once wood putty dries, it can be sanded down to create a smoother appearance and stained to match the original piece. Those who find themselves remodeling their kitchens or bathrooms will most likely want to pick up some Wood putty and plumber's putty for working with the sinks.