What is a Pull

A pull is a fixture attached to the front face of a drawer that allows that drawer to be opened and closed. They are set apart from handles in the sense that they're attached to their drawer at a single point (as opposed to handles, which are attached at two or more points). Though small in size, the design of the pulls included in a cabinetry run can have a tremendous impact on the overall style of that run. What's more, their ease of installation and removal makes them an area where even inexperienced remodelers can enjoy a great deal of control over the style of their kitchen. Most pulls can be removed and installed using nothing more than a screwdriver, and installation is further simplified by the fact that many cabinet doors and drawers include precut holes to assist with consistent pull placement. Pulls come in a variety of materials ranging from the traditional to the extraordinary - remodelers looking to lend an "antique" look to theircabinets can do so by making use of pulls made of glass, crystal, or painted porcelain.