What is a Plywood

Plywood is a sheet material comprised of many different layers or "plies" of wood veneer. The wood veneer layers are glued together, with each adjacent layer having their wood grain rotated up to 90 degrees. This method of rotating the wood grains results in a final product that is strong and durable. Plywood is one of the most well-known manufactured wood substitutes available, and is very common in the United States. Plywood may not be known for its striking appearance, but it's utility and versatility make it a fantastic product found everywhere from furniture to home construction. In the cabinet industry, plywood is commonly used in the construction of cabinet boxes.

Plywood is incredibly strong, created from many layers of wood veneers that are softened by steam, stacked and compressed, and then glued together. The use of plywood in cabinetry is a great way to get a more affordable product without compromising overall quality and durability, since plywood is comparable in strength and durability to natural hard woods.