What is an Old World Style

Old World Style is a loosely used term to describe a wide range of design conventions that were popular in 16th and 17th century Europe during both the medieval and Renaissance periods. Old World Style was Influenced by many different locations throughout Europe, including Spain, Italy, and France. Today, authentic Old World Style woodworkers work with materials and tools that were available at the time and often incorporates distressed wood and a worn appearance into the piece. Old World Style cabinets and furniture typically include heavier, rugged materials that are often rich in raised panels and appear to be well-worn yet durable and rugged.

Old World Style kitchens often have wooden arches and other accentuated woodwork throughout the room. Old World Style cabinets often feature raised panels made of distressed wood to appear older and more worn out. Much unlike most modern cabinetry styles, cabinet hardware is prominently displayed to add to the charm of this old world's utilitarian style.