What is a Mullion

A mullion is a type of cabinet door known for its glass panels that can be transparent or semi-transparent. As opposed to wooden cabinet doors, a mullion feature glass panels that allow you to see what is inside. These types of cabinet doors can be used to display dishware or allow for the cabinet user to know the contents of the cabinet without having to open the cabinet door.

The glass panes on a mullion cabinet door typically are separated by wooden strips to help create a grid-like appearance. This style mimics the feature found on many conventional windows. Essentially, mullion cabinets are a functional and decorative door that adds a window-like aesthetic and functionality to the cabinet.

Mullion cabinets are ideal for displaying your expensive china or family heirloom dishes. Mullion cabinets are often sold in ap remade unit, but can also be built custom to your needs. Most often, mullion cabinets are assembled without the glass, which can be added later. Other materials, including tin or paneling, are often used instead of glass.