What is a Mill

In woodworking, a mill refers to any type of machine designed to cut wood by utilizing a rotary device. Mills also refer to companies that cut and sell usable lumber. Any saw that cuts timber into lengths of lumber is technically a mill. Historically, mills were powered using natural and renewable energy sources such as the moving water from a nearby waterway or stream. Today, a number of manufacturers offer portable, electric powered mills that allow carpenters to cut timber into usable wood pieces wherever they are.

Mill companies are responsible from converting trees and wood into usable lumber, but also are indirectly responsible for many of the wood substitute products on the market.

Many products like MDF and particleboard have been invented to find new ways to create additional products by recycling the byproducts of the milling process. Most cabinet companies work directly with a mill company because it allows for greater consistency in materials and allows the cabinet company to focus on innovative new designs and manufacturing techniques instead of sourcing lumber.