What is a Light Rail Molding

Light rail molding is designed to hide the fixtures of a cabinet's underside lighting system. Though its primary purpose is in fulfilling this function, this style of molding can also be crafted to add another level of striking detail to a cabinetry project. Ideally, the light rail molding of a cabinet should match its crown molding in order to create a coherent appearance achieved by the superior craftsmanship exhibited by both features.

Light rail molding can consist of a separately-carved piece of wood or be made of scrap pieces taken from the original construction of the associated cabinet. Generally, this style of molding is added to a project on site after installation is complete; it can also, however, be added at a later date if a remodeler decides to add underside lighting after installation. The addition of light rail molding can be made easier by including a properly-sized cutout in the wood of the cabinet so that the molding may be attached to its lower front edge.