What is a Lazy Susan

Lazy susans are often referred to as dumbwaiters in certain regions, as that was the original British term. The term Lazy Susan was coined in America by Vanity Fair magazine in the early 20th century. The term generally refers to any revolving stand or tray on a table, but in cabinetry it refers to a special type of rotating shelf and cabinet system designed for increased storage and easy access to a variety of items. Lazy susans are often combined with pie-cut shelves.The basic design of a lazy susan incorporates a circular platform that is mounted in away that allows continuous 360 degree rotation.

Lazy susans are often installed in the corner of two connecting cabinets to make better use of their functionality. Often, you may not even be able to tell that a corner Lazy Susan is not a regular cabinet until it is opened. This "secret compartment" feel is just another part of the charm of the Lazy Susan cabinet!Lazy susans are used in kitchen cabinets to provide easy access to smaller containers and jars, like spices and everyday essentials. They are also a common way to make better use otherwise clumsy or awkward corner cabinets.