What is a Lacquer

The term lacquer is a general term used to refer to a variety of hard and potentially shiny finishes commonly applied to materials like wood. There are many different processes used to accomplish lacquered wood, all involving the use of solvents to create a hardened look. Lacquering is a technique that has existed for thousands of years and has been refined throughout human history.

Lacquered cabinets are known for their glossy, shiny appearance that is more durable than cabinets finished in the shellac. Due to the potentially toxic and volatile chemicals used in true wood lacquers, this process should only be performed by experienced professionals who know the proper safety protocols. Additionally, most novices who attempt a wood lacquer will not be able to achieve the flawless look as it takes a lot of practices and experience to master the process. Lacquered wood also commonly have other difficult embellishments to work with like fancy inlays or intricate designs.