What is a L-Shaped Kitchen

When it comes to describing the shape of kitchens, it is common to use a letter from the alphabet to give a general idea of the layout. The L-Shape layout is one of the most tried and true kitchen layout shapes, and has remained appropriate even in today's more modern home kitchens. L-shaped kitchens are basic and ergonomic, and allow for three distinct areas of the kitchen: prep, cleaning, and cooking. The L-Shape is most commonly used in smaller kitchens, as it is a great design for maximizing floor space and making the kitchen feel larger than it is.

L-shaped kitchens can accommodate any style or decor, it is simply a basic shape that is commonly used in kitchen designs and layouts. To create an L-shaped kitchen, you will need to start with two perpendicular walls, ideally where one wall is roughly half the length of the other. These two adjoining walls form the two main lines of the capital L.