What is a Knotty Alder Wood

Knotty Alder wood refers to alder wood boards that have exposed and visible knots. Since not all alder wood boards have visible knots, knotty alder wood is beloved for its ability to help facilitate a rustic aesthetic. Since alder wood is extremely strong relative to its modest price, knotty alder is a popular look for those looking for farmhouse or ranch look. Knotty alder wood should be avoided if the end user is not attempting to create a rustic style. Since Knotty Alder knots can make it more difficult to work with, cabinet makers often have a hard time creating a smooth surface for later staining. When cutting tools like saws come into contact with tough knots, the saw can respond in a dangerous and unpredictable manner. Knots can also lose their integrity within the board and actually fall out during cutting. For these reasons, knotty alder is a great wood for creating that rustic look without spending a lot of money as long as you are aware of the difficulties that may arise when working with any knotty wood, especially knotty alder wood.