What Are Inset Doors/Drawers

Inset doors and drawers, when closed, lay flush against the front face of the cabinet to which they belong. Though doors and drawers in this style are very similar mechanically to those created in the overlay style, many remodelers still opt to integrate them into their cabinetry because of how well they complement traditional vintage kitchen decor. That look comes at a cost, however - remodelers can expect to pay 20% more for inset over overlay.

The inset effect is typically achieved through usage of a special kind of hinge, which is necessary for the door or drawer to operate in a way that allows it to lay flush when closed. Some of those hinges are fully hidden from sight once installed, while others only show their barrel. Either variety can be found in kits that allow remodelers to modify existing cabinetry, but the difficulty of that task makes it not recommended for all but the most skilled craftsmen.