What is Hardwood

Hardwoods are those that possess greater density and rigidity than most other woods. The benefit to using them in cabinetry construction - or in any other sort of craft project - is in the fact that they're typically more durable than softwoods. Common examples of hardwoods include cherry, oak, hickory and maple; many other varieties exist, but they're generally not used in cabinetry construction.

Though hardwood has its benefits as a cabinet material, the choice is not so cut and dry. Hardwoods, for example, are typically more expensive than their softer competitors, and some varieties can have their color changed through prolonged exposure to sunlight. Still, hardwood tends to possess striking grain patterns and colors that make them much more visually appealing than cabinets made of softwood. Some cabinetry creators seek to take advantage of this by making their cabinets' doors out of hardwood and the other parts from soft. Lily Ann, meanwhile, uses only 100% maple and birch (both outstanding hardwoods) in the creation of its cabinets.