What is a Glass Rack?

Racks that store stemware - which can include wine glasses, tulips, flutes and goblets - are typically referred to as glass racks. They can be found beneath cabinets, suspended from the ceiling, or as cubes that rest on countertops. Glass racks are ideal for stemware storage because of the unique storing challenges posed by glasses of that style. They are designed to accommodate the oversized bowls of stemware and to allow glasses contained within the rack to be hung upside down (so as to prevent the creation of water spots while drying). As glass racks have become more popular and prominent, so too has the number of styles in which they can be found. Glass racks are now created in chrome, copper, steel, and other materials that beautifully complement more modern design styles. Racks made of wood are also available for those who prefer a warmer and more rustic look.