What is Finish?

The finish is the final application of color or lamination to a completed cabinet. For cabinets not made entirely of solid wood, the finish is often applied by gluing a layer of laminate to the wood's facade. Cabinets made entirely of wood - like those offered by Lily Ann - typically feature a painted or stained finish. The materials used in the finishing process and the methods by which they're applied can vary from cabinet from cabinet depending on the desired texture, sheen and color of the final product.

Remodelers interested in refinishing their own cabinets should consider how those cabinets are meant to be integrated into the existing space and also the environmental hazards they can be expected to face. Finishes and stains now come in a wide variety of colors, which makes it easy to find one whose hue matches that of your kitchen or bathroom. More difficult to determine is whether you should go with an oil-based or water-based finish. The former will provide your cabinets with a greater level of protection and require fewer coats to apply. At the same time, oil-based stains take longer than dry and can be very difficult to clean up after. Water-based stains dry clearly and quickly, but require more coats and don't provide the same level of protection.