What is a Backsplash?

The material used to cover the space between a kitchen's countertops and its upper cabinetry is typically referred to as a backsplash. Ceramic tile is the material most commonly used for this purpose, as it's durable, easy to clean, and comes in a wide variety of different sizes and styles. Natural stone has also become an increasingly popular choice, as has stainless steel - both possess the water, grease and fire resistance necessary for an effective backsplash.

Tile, however, remains the most popular choice thanks to the flexibility it offers remodelers in the design of their kitchen. The nearly infinite combination of colors and patterns that can be achieved through tile makes it all but certain that you'll be able to find one that perfectly complements the design of your cabinetry and of your kitchen as a whole. Conventional wisdom suggests that your kitchen's backsplash should match the design of your countertops, especially if you're looking to ensure the future resale value of your home.