What is Aspen?

A type of wood typically known for its usage in inexpensive cabinets, aspen flourishes in North America and stands as one of the softest woods to be found on the continent. That softness means that more fasteners of larger size are typically required to complete a cabinet made from the wood. At the same time, aspen is extremely easy to mill and is known as an excellent wood for decorative details and accents.

Be wary of any cabinetry that uses aspen in the construction of load-bearing frames, as its low level of strength makes it unsuitable for any sort of significant prolonged weight. Know too that aspen finishes well but cannot be lacquered with any sort of consistency. Though the low cost of aspen may make it seem like an attractive option for your cabinetry, the drawbacks put it behind other affordable woods such as maple or poplar, which offer a similar look with greater strength and durability.