What is Antiquity Glass?

Antiquity glass is designed to add a decorative flair to the style of home design elements ranging from doors to windows to cabinets of all kinds. Defined by its mimicry of the texture and flaws of glass sheets made in the 18th century, antiquity glass is often used to lend a sense of rusticity to the pieces in which it is installed. That mimicry replicates the imperfections of blown, colonial-era products while offering the durability of modern glass, providing designers with the best of both worlds.

The imperfections in question (referred to as "seeds") typically take on a teardrop shape and are caused by the presence of small air bubbles within the glass. Whereas these flaws were an unavoidable result of the colonial style of glass creation, modern creators of antiquity glass are able to introduce and control the presence of imperfections in order to create an intentionally "flawed" look. Though sought after for its appearance, antiquity glass also has the benefit of being clear tempered, which makes it strong enough for daily use while retaining its crystal clarity. Some designers and artists even use it to restore pieces of stained glass, as antiquity glass serves as a fine substitute for sections that have broken or gone missing.