What are Cabinet Accents?

An accent is a stylized piece of woodwork added to a kitchen cabinet in order to enhance its design. Generally speaking, accents do not alter the basic structure of a cabinet - their purpose is usually wholly aesthetic. Though cabinet handles and hinges can be considered accents, those elements are typically regarded in categories of their own as both feature a wide variety of styles and models. Molding, likewise, is sometimes relegated to its own category and other times is considered an accent because of the aesthetic value associated with carved-wood enhancements.

Though accents can come in a great number of shapes and styles, they generally share the feature of being made from softer woods. That's because accents are not meant to bear loads or contribute to the structural integrity of the cabinetry to which they're attached. If you're considering adding an accent to your cabinetry, be sure to finish it separately before doing so. Pre-finishing will give you the opportunity to ensure proper absorption and to see whether its final color and composition complements your cabinetry. Valances, rosettes and corbels are all established and popular cabinet accents.