Free Kitchen Design

Expert design services are offered for FREE by Lily Ann Cabinets. We ask that you follow the steps below in order to make the design process as accurate as possible. Please do not hesitate to call 800-551-1438 or email to get started on your free design from one of our professional designers.

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Need help planning your dream kitchen?

Measure Your Space

Measuring your kitchen is as easy as drawing a few lines. It's that simple!

Horizontal Measurement
  1. Measure from wall to wall or full cabinet run. This will provide us with the full wall width or full cabinet run width.
  2. Measure from corner to window or door opening including all trim. This will provide us with the exact placement of this window or door on your wall.
  3. Measure across opening of door or window from trim edge to trim edge. This will provide us with the full width of this door or window including all trims.
  4. Mark rough placement of your appliances or location of water, drain, and gas lines on your drawing. This will help us with placement of your appliances.
Vertical Measurement
  1. Measure from floor to ceiling to give us total floor-to-ceiling height.
  2. Measure from floor to bottom of the window including any trims.
  3. Measure from bottom of window to top of window including any trims.
  4. Measure from top of window to ceiling.
Measure Your Space

Show desired locations of all appliances on your drawing. It is very important to indicate natural gas locations, 220-volt outlets, any wall-mounted telephone locations (T) and cable-TV locations (CTV).

Measure Your Space

Fax or email us your plan and one of our kitchen design specialists will get back to you within 24 hours, and you will be on your way to developing the kitchen of your dreams in no time!

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