Farnham Kitchen

I can't find their design ask someone for help Chloe like darryl

Our Key Largo White cabinets in this family's home is such a beautiful upgrade. Although it’s not completely finished, the installation of our cabinets looks incredible and is extremely simple!

Elyse Arsulowicz
Elyse Arsulowicz

Renovation Details:

  • Type: Cabinets
  • Style: Key Largo white
  • Color: White
  • Room: Kitchen

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  • Farnham Kitchen
  • Farnham Kitchen
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Key Largo White Cabinets

Key Largo White Kitchen Cabinets

Brighten up your kitchen with the clean-looking, casual feel of our Key Largo white kitchen cabinets. These ready-to-assemble cabinets contain many high-end features, yet you can purchase them at wholesale prices because we make them ourselves. Save 50% on your cabinet purchase over any of the "big box" stores. By selling directly to you, we eliminate a step in the supply chain, delivering cabinetry to do your door.

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- Farnham Kitchen