The Advantages of Ordering Cabinets Online

Ordering cabinets online have many advantages. When big box stores or local showrooms sell cabinets, consumers pay for the cost of operating those facilities. While purchasing new cabinets is a significant investment for a homeowner, buying those cabinets online is much more cost-effective because it eliminates overhead expenses the brick-and-mortar locations incur. Additionally, you won’t get stuck in long lines, and you’ll avoid pushy sales staff who don’t necessarily have your best interests in mind while you’re shopping. The other advantages of buying cabinets online are as follows: Convenient Shopping, Easy-To-Compare, Cost Savings, Simple Checkout, Free Design Help, Quick shipping, Convenient Shopping.

Ordering cabinets online require much less effort than shopping at a local brick and mortar location. In addition to not being limited to the cabinet options that the store near you has in stock, there is also no need to get in a car and drive to that location. You can avoid parking nightmares and long lines at the checkout, too, when ordering cabinets online. While shopping for your new cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom online, you can go at your own pace from the convenience of your own home with every cabinet option only one click away.

Better Comparisons

As opposed to driving from store to store lugging samples and product detail sheets as you go, shopping for cabinets online allows you to comparison shop much more efficiently. If you are searching Shaker White Kitchen Cabinets, for example, you can find a variety of different distributors who offer that cabinet and compare the best product and price. These online comparisons will save you money and time while reviewing multiple styles of white kitchen cabinets until you find the one that’s best for you.

Finding the Best Price

Buying cabinets online allow you to find the best price available for the cabinet you wish to purchase. Online cabinet distributors do not have the facility and sales team overhead that the big box stores and local showrooms have. These savings from the online distributor are passed along to the consumer in the price of the cabinets you are buying. Along with these savings in overhead, the comparison shopping also helps you narrow down the best price available for your cabinets once you’ve identified which product it is you plan to install.

Simple Checkout

The checkout process is simple and easy when you’re buying cabinets online. There is no need to transport cabinets that won’t fit in your car from the local brick and mortar to your home after checkout, either. After a couple of clicks and entering your payment information, the checkout process is over, and your cabinets are on the way.

Free Design Help

Select online kitchen cabinet suppliers offer a free 3D Kitchen Rendering when shopping online. These renderings provide the customer with an idea of how their kitchen will look before ordering and installing the cabinets. Lily Ann Cabinets, for example, offers a professional designer who will take you step by step through the whole planning process. You’ll get much more than ideas and suggestions. You’ll receive a 3D color rendering, scaled drawings, and detailed specifications. This free option is typically an additional charge when purchasing cabinets at a local brick and mortar location.

Quick Shipping

Many RTA kitchen cabinets are in stock and available for delivery as soon as your order is complete. Typically, these cabinets ship within a couple of weeks depending on the distributor. In some cases, it can even be sooner. This quick shipping can jumpstart your kitchen redesign process and keep construction moving forward toward an on-time and under budget completion of your project.

Order Cabinets Online with Lily Ann Cabinets

Lily Ann Cabinets offers a turnaround time of 1-21 business days for the vast majority of cabinets. While purchasing RTA cabinets online with Lily Ann Cabinets, a professional design tool is also available for free to help with measurements and install questions.