5 Most Popular Kitchen Layouts For Your Cabinets

Your kitchen is the focal point of your home. It’s where your friends and family gather to share special moments and spend the majority of your time together. When you’re designing your kitchen and cabinet layouts, the finished product needs to not only be functional, but also reflect your personality. To determine the kitchen layouts that work best for you, we’ve highlighted the top five most popular cabinet designs below.


The Horseshoe, or U-shaped, kitchen layouts are appealing for the full galley it creates throughout the work area. This design gets its horseshoe name for the three walls of cabinets and appliances it features. This layout is most efficient for one primary cook and helps keep others away from the central work area. In doing so, the horseshoe design also remains open to other rooms of the home. Depending on the size of your kitchen, this layout could vary from thin to large. For larger kitchens, you could also add an island to this arrangement.


One of the most popular kitchen layouts for its flexibility to meet any size kitchen is the L-shape design. It gets its name from the perpendicular countertops on the two adjoining walls that meet and form an “L.” Typically, one portion of the "L" is an open counter space with a pass-through to a dining or living room. The other counter includes the sink, dishwasher, and other appliances. This classic layout can also adjust to any style and is one of the most ergonomically correct kitchen designs. The kitchen cabinetry layout is especially practical for maximizing corner space. It is one of the kitchen layouts that best helps to eliminate traffic while also adding a dining space and multiple work zones.

Island Layout

The island kitchen layouts are a conventional design for your home. It can be accomplished efficiently and effectively by ordering RTA kitchen cabinets online and installing yourself. The kitchen island traditionally includes extra cabinetry for storage along with appliances. A typical island configuration could consist of a dishwasher or wine cooler along with the RTA kitchen cabinets for storage. The additional countertop space that caps off the island offers a staging area as well as dining space with stools. Kitchen islands are incredibly functional, but if you plan to install one in your home make sure you have proper clearance between your existing kitchen cabinetry and the new island.

Peninsula Kitchens

Peninsula kitchen layouts feature an island that is attached to a wall. This design is fashionable for smaller kitchens because it’s ideal for spaces that do not have enough clearance for an actual island. Like an island, the peninsula has many potential uses. It can be configured to add extra storage cabinets, drawers, and racks that can be used to keep cookware and other accessories organized. The peninsula also serves as a staging area for meal preparation as well as a dining area with stools.


The most popular kitchen and cabinet layout for a studio, loft spaces or smaller kitchens is the one-wall kitchen. Formerly called the Pullman kitchen, the one-wall design is the ultimate space saver. This plan features cabinets and appliances fixed on a single wall. The model could also be a viable option if you’re finishing your basement or creating a new guest suite in your home. When space allows, the one-wall kitchen also can include an island which forms a galley-style walk-way through the work area.

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