Why You Should Get a Cabinet Sample Before You Buy

It’s natural to enter a remodeling project with a great deal of excitement, especially if it is your first time making a significant improvement to your home. It’s just as natural to fall in love with a style of cabinetry and order it immediately, confident that its color and design will be a perfect fit for your kitchen or bathroom. This, unfortunately, is where the excitement ends for many would-be designers. The cabinets arrive, and...they’re gorgeous, yes, but somehow they’re not as great a match for your space as you had hoped. Perhaps the color looks different in the light of your home, or maybe the feel of the wood just isn’t what you were looking for. While some companies - like Lily Ann - allow you to return your order for any reason, others might not be as generous. Even so, the hassle involved in packing and shipping them back might be enough to put you off your remodeling aspirations entirely. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way; by ordering cabinet samples ahead of time, you can be certain that the style you eventually settle on will be perfect for your home.

Space and Design of the Cabinets

Lighting is one of the most common reasons for a difference in what a product looks like in its listing compared to what it looks like when it’s in your hands. Lighting, of course, is just as much an element of a space’s design as its furniture and accessories; it may even be the most important element when you consider that a room’s lighting affects the appearance of every item within. Imagine, for example, that you were looking for kitchen cabinets to complement a romantic and dimly-lit dining space. Listing photos, by comparison, typically utilize very bright lighting in order to ensure that every detail of the product comes through. That being the case, they’re not going to help you very much in determining what they look like in a much darker space.

The overall design of a room is similar to lighting in the sense that the unifying theme has an effect on the elements that make up. Likewise, a cabinet that looks like it might be appropriate for that theme may turn out to completely clash with the other features of the space. There could be any number of reasons for this - for one, there may not be any listing pictures available that illustrate a theme similar to the one you’re going for, leaving you to guess whether your cabinets can be seamlessly integrated into your envisioned design. If you’re shopping with Lily Ann, you can address this problem by making use of our free 3D kitchen design tool. Though the resulting image will give you a much better sense of whether a particular cabinet will work in your kitchen, the professional designer will still likely suggest that you order kitchen cabinet samples before purchasing.

Feel of Wood Cabinets

That’s because no amount of visualization can give you a sense of how a cabinet feels. This may not seem like an important thing to take into consideration if aesthetics are your main concern, but consider just how much interaction you’re going to have with your cabinets over the years. Lily Ann cabinets are built to last, which means that you may be opening and closing those doors and drawers for decades to come. That being the case, wouldn’t you prefer that your cabinets are made from a wood that just feels right?

Lily Ann uses two types of wood in its cabinets - birch and North American maple. Birch is well-known for its fine grain whereas furniture made from maple often possesses an “organic” feel. If you’re choosing between two styles of cabinets and just can’t make up your mind, the difference in the wood used - and the feel of that wood - may very well end up being the tiebreaker, a tiebreaker you won’t be able to conduct without samples.

Comparison of Each Cabinet Style

As mentioned, there may be times when you come across two styles of cabinets that seem equally appropriate for your space. We’ve found that customers who have this problem often emerge with a clear favorite after ordering a sample of each style. This is because whatever comparisons you may conduct online aren’t nearly as important as those you can conduct in person. Seeing how a style of cabinetry functions in your home becomes doubly important when you have two models from which to choose, and, what’s more, getting a sample of each allows you to bring others into the decision-making process. It’s your design, yes, but the execution of that design will affect everyone in your home; shouldn’t they get a say in the matter?


At Lily Ann, we don’t offer free cabinet samples as some sort of marketing gimmick; we do so because we’re committed to the satisfaction of our customers. Since our founding in 2004, we’ve discovered that home designers across the country are consistently more pleased with their purchase if they ordered a cabinet sample before settling on a style. We suspect that you’ll feel the same way, too, and we’re thankful that you’ve chosen Lily Ann as your partner in your design plans.