What is a European Hinge?

The definition of "European Hinge" depends on the country in which it's used. In Germany and in several other countries throughout Europe, a European hinge is also known as a cup hinge, a style of joint that can be used in frameless cabinets and allows for both horizontal and vertical door alignment corrections. That

level of versatility is necessary because in those countries, cabinets - even those found in rented homes - are considered the property of the homeowner. As such, cabinetry is often brought from home to home and must be flexible enough to be installed in a wide variety of dimensions

Outside of those countries, a European hinge is simply a lesser-known term for a hidden hinge. The joining style has become popular throughout the rest of the world thanks to the fact that it lessens the need for both overlays and trim boards, which makes it much easier for cabinet makers to create cabinet runs with clean and uncomplicated aesthetics.