What Is A Base Angle Cabinet?

Cabinets of this construction are designed to fit into a particular joint or corner. Their popularity has grown in time with the increased demand for cabinets that offer increased countertop space, as their existence allows designers to make use of storage space that might otherwise be unclaimable due to inaccessibility.

The angles of these cabinets can be customized in order to create a flush facing finish, which is often necessary in spaces that feature an unusual directional change or other kinds of atypical architecture. Generally speaking, though, base angle cabinets are created in basic diamond or triangle shapes for installation in right-angled corners. Rotating shelves are also typically found in this style of cabinet, especially if its depth is greater than two feet. The unusual shape of base angle cabinets make the smart placement of door hinges particularly important, as those hardware elements are essential in solidifying the functionality of corner cabinets.