3 White Shaker Cabinets That Can Bring Contemporary Flair To Your Kitchen

3 White Shaker Cabinets That Can Bring Contemporary Flair To Your Kitchen

In a contemporary kitchen, having simple, clean lines and colors is key. The best way to pull off this type of sleek design is with white shaker cabinets.

White shaker cabinets are beautiful and crisp, but still direct attention to the focal points of your kitchen, like a colorful backsplash or rich, dark floors. And because Lily Ann shaker cabinets feature the dovetail assembly method, these kitchen cabinets look even sleeker inside and out — no more L-brackets, visible metal clips or cams ruining your aesthetic. Here are a few of Lily Ann's favorite styles that we know you'll love, too.

Shaker White Kitchen Cabinets

Lily Ann's Shaker White kitchen cabinet line is popular for many contemporary design seekers. These RTA cabinets feature high-quality birch wood and dovetail construction. Not only that, but the bright white paint of these cabinets is applied in a seven-step process for a soft, sturdy finish that is made to last.

In spite of all these amazing features, the Shaker White kitchen cabinet line is one of the most affordable we offer. Being RTA cabinets means all Lily Ann designs already leave big box store prices in the dust. But these in particular are a great choice for remodelers seeking a luxury look without a luxury price tag.

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Colorado White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

These cabinets exemplify the versatility white shaker cabinets can offer. With just a slight variation in the proportions of their design, these cabinets can walk the line between styles.

If you want a open, modern kitchen now but worry that you may want a more traditional or look one day, these cabinets will give your kitchen the updated look you're after with the flexibility to shift your style in the future.


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White Shaker Elite Kitchen Cabinets

These white shaker cabinets are a Lily Ann best seller! Their seamless face provides an ultra high-end look that can complement any contemporary design, yet also give even a large kitchen a charming, cozy feel.

Like the Shaker White cabinets, the White Shaker Elite line is topped with a seven-step staining process of hand-applied white paint. But don't let the soft white appearance fool you — the thickness of the paint keeps these cabinets protected for years of cooking to come.

Even with the seven-step paint process, dovetail assembly design, and Grade A birch construction, these RTA cabinets are still affordable. You won't find the same level of attention at the same price anywhere else!

Find Your White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

If you're not sure which of our white shaker cabinets to choose, use our free cabinet design tool for help visualizing. Or if you like the style and quality but aren't sure you want white, check out our other wood shaker cabinets. Whatever look you prefer, our new kitchen cabinets are within reach. Get started today!


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