White Cabinets With Black Countertops: 12 Inspiring Designs

White Cabinets With Black Countertops: 12 Inspiring Designs

Your ultimate guide to designing a classic white and black kitchen.

One kitchen trend that’s gaining momentum as we head into the new year is a white kitchen with black countertops, commonly referred to as the ‘tuxedo kitchen.’ The white kitchen, black countertop combo not only gives a dramatic and alluring look with the contrast of white against black, it’s also practical. Black countertops hide stains and smudges, while white cabinets are a timeless and functional choice for any kitchen design style. Whether your kitchen is traditional, rustic, or modern, black and white finishes can have a stunning effect on the overall look.

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Choosing Black Countertops

Before you decide that a black and white kitchen is right for you, you should explore your options. There are three popular choices for black countertops that we recommend: granite, marble and quartz.


black galaxy granite black countertop option

Black Galaxy Granite | marble.com

Granite is a stunning choice visually, plus it's very durable and easy to look after. It stands up well against daily wear and tears. Granite resists scratches, stains, and heat. Some of our favorite black granite varieties are Galaxy (shown above), Ubatuba granite, and Black Antique.


nero marquina marble black countertop idea

Nero Marquina Marble | marble.com

Marble is another gorgeous option for black countertops that will bring luxury into any home. This material is often less expensive than granite or quartz while providing the same elegant feel. Marble is also very durable as it’s resistant to heat and scratching. A few great choices for black marble countertops are Nero Marquina Marble (shown above), Black Marquina, and Huma Marble.


vanilla noir caesarstone quartz black countertop idea

Vanilla Noir Caesarstone Quartz | marble.com

Since quartz is a manufactured product, it’s available in a wide variety of colors and textures. It has the same durability as concrete or granite, so it won’t chip or crack easily. Quartz is also non-porous, so it resists stains better than marble or granite. A few beautiful black quartz varieties are Vanilla Noir Caesarstone (shown above), Marquina Midnight, and Sparkling Black Quartz.

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Choosing White Cabinets

Once you’ve found a black countertop to suit your tuxedo kitchen, it’s time to find the perfect white cabinets. Below are some of the most popular white cabinet styles that we recommend for dark countertops.

White Shaker Elite

white shaker elite cabinet door

The most popular white cabinet style on the market today is by far the Shaker variety. Our White Shaker Elite cabinets are simple, functional, and elegant. The bright white finish looks spectacular against stark black countertops.

Bristol Antique White

bristol antique white kitchen cabinet door

For a more traditional or farmhouse look, we recommend the Bristol Linen White Cabinets line. The raised panel doors feature elegant detailing and soft creamy color that offers a more subtle contrast against dark kitchen finishes.

Key Largo White

key largo white kitchen cabinet door

The true white color of the Key Largo line creates a shocking contrast against dark countertops. The fine contours surrounding the center panels give these cabinets a hint of elegant detail without appearing too busy or distracting.

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Best Kitchens with White Cabinets and Black Countertops

It’s time to get inspired! Here are 12 of our favorite black and white kitchen ideas to guide your remodel. If any strikes your fancy, let us know during your free 3D design consultation. We’ll use it as a guide while creating your own dream black and white kitchen!

1. High-Contrast Kitchen

black and white farmhouse kitchen with white cabinets and black countertops. cabinets are white shaker style with black knobs and pulls. also features a dark wood floor, black brick backsplash and stainless steel appliances

Design Storms

This high-contrast kitchen by Design Storms feels crisp and elegant. The bright white shaker cabinets pop against black countertops and black brick backsplash. Matte black cabinet hardware marries the finishes together, putting a modern spin on the country farmhouse style. A dark stained wood floor keeps the design from feeling too sterile, adding a natural, earthy finish to the design.

2. Gorgeous Contemporary Kitchen

contemporary black and white kitchen with large island, white cabinets and black countertops. a wooden range hood brings a farmhouse vibe with a matte black faucet, glossy grey subway tile backsplash and matte black cabinet hardware add a modern touch


A glossy black quartz countertop gives this gorgeous contemporary kitchen a huge personality. The texture and detail of the quartz immediately draw your eye to the center island, while additional finishes like the subway tile backsplash and wooden range hood bring in subtle accent colors. Stark white shaker cabinets and matte black hardware finish off the look.

3. The Balanced Contrast Kitchen

this kitchen features white cabinets and black countertops with a grey center island. inset white shaker cabinets are adorned with matte black hardware. the room is flooded with natural light by three large windows

One Kindesign

If covering your kitchen with black countertops seems a bit daunting, consider choosing a mixture of two different countertop materials. This kitchen by One Kindesign pulls off the look by using a grey island base to tie in the neutral colors of the island countertop. As long as the surrounding finishes (cabinets, floors, etc.) incorporate the same color tones, the kitchen design will feel thoughtful and cohesive. A few colors that look great in black and white kitchens are greys, taupes, and rich browns.

4. Classic Coastal Home

large coastal kitchen design with white cabinets and black countertops. a large center island and dining table with white marble top occupy the center of the kitchen. black pendant lights hang above surrounded by crown molding on the ceiling

Cooper Pacific

This classic coastal home is so bright and airy, that you barely notice the dark countertops. One key to making sure black countertops don’t overwhelm your kitchen is to let in as much natural light as possible. In kitchens that are already dark, black finishes can add to the cramped, shadowy feel of the space. If natural lighting isn’t an option, add recessed or pendant lights with a daylight bulb to mimic sunlight.

5. The Contemporary Black Ensemble Kitchen

farmhouse kitchen with white cabinets and black countertops. a matte black sink matches the countertops and black cabinet hardware. wooden accents occupy the counters and bring a country farmhouse style to the space

Love Create Celebrate

A black sink and faucet can be a stunning addition to black countertops. This kitchen features a matte black sink basin with a matching faucet. When the countertops match the sink, the flow of the countertop isn’t disrupted, which can be a huge plus for smaller kitchen layouts. Black sinks are also increasing in popularity as they have a more modern appearance and are less likely to show stains and scuff marks.

6. The Modern Farmstead Kitchen

black and white farmhouse kitchen with white shiplap walls, wood open shelves, matte black countertop and white vintage shaker cabinets


This farmhouse kitchen has a modern twist with the addition of a matte black countertop. The black countertops add drama to the design while white cabinets, white shiplap walls, and open shelving keep the space feeling bright. Although floating shelves limit the amount of storage space when compared to upper cabinets, they make the kitchen feel larger and more open.

7. Dark and Dramatic Kitchen

glamorous contemporary kitchen with white cabinets and black countertops. a dark wood floor accentuates the drama of the space in addition to black appliances and a black range hood


What color appliances go best with a black and white kitchen design? Most often, tuxedo kitchens are fitted with stainless steel appliances. However, if you want to go bold, black appliances can also have a striking look. This dark and dramatic kitchen features a black stove, a black range hood, and dark wood floors. The surrounding white cabinets make these dark finishes pop. If high contrast is your goal, black appliances are a great option for your kitchen. Another bonus to installing dark appliances is that they are less likely to show stains and smudges.

8. The Chic Entertainer's Kitchen

large traditional white kitchen with black countertops, custom island with wine rack and wine fridge, paneled fridge and white shaker cabinets with chrome hardware

I.fromkin Interiors

This expansive kitchen features bright white shaker cabinets with black countertops. The large L-shaped island steals the show, customized with a mini fridge and wine rack—perfect for entertaining! To add an artistic touch to the design, long cylindrical black pendants hang above the island to match the counters. As not to distract from the beautiful shaker cabinetry, these homeowners opted for a custom paneled fridge, seen on the left of the space. Taken together, this romantic black and white kitchen is the perfect spot to sip fine wine and relax!

9. The Timeless Elegance Kitchen

traditional black and white kitchen with handcrafted white cabinets, brass hardware, and large center island with black countertop


With an exquisite eye for traditional charm, this kitchen designer pulled all the stops to create a dreamy old-world kitchen. The first thing that draws your eye to this black and white design is the beautiful handcrafted white cabinetry. For a vintage look, the cabinets are paired with brass hardware and matching pendant lights. The elegant black countertop reflects light and creates a compelling contrast against the white cabinets. This kitchen design shows that the black and white color scheme works for any design scheme, from traditional to modern.

10. The Classic Contrast Kitchen

farmhouse black and white kitchen with white raised panel cabinets, glossy black countertops, black pendant lights and a white brick backsplash

Dear Lillie

This farmhouse kitchen remodel got a sleek upgrade with black pearl granite countertops and white raised panel cabinets. The kitchen island features the same glossy granite as the surrounding countertops, adding a feeling of visual consistency to the space. Two black iron pendant lights contribute to the traditional, country charm vibe. To finish off the look, small matte black knobs and pulls were chosen to complement the kitchen cabinets. Altogether, this quaint black and white kitchen design is simple yet compelling, thanks to its high-quality finishes.

11. The Beam Blend Kitchen

industrial kitchen design with white cabinets and black countertops, brown range hood, large wooden ceiling beams and a rustic brick backsplash

USI Design

Our customers often ask which range hood will best suit their kitchen’s color scheme. Typically, we advise that the range hood incorporates at least one of the colors from the cabinets, backsplash, or countertops in the kitchen. However, in this kitchen by USI Design, the range hood uniquely pulls together colors from the dark wood ceiling beams and black countertops. Since the ceiling beams are a prominent feature of this space, the resulting design is exquisite. The deep brown color with black accents adds a bit of drama to this kitchen.

12. The Harmonious Contrast Kitchen

brown and white kitchen with black countertops. brown and white cabinets with a brown subway tile backsplash and brown painted walls

Urrutia Design

This kitchen by Urrutia Design features a highly composed mix of colors and textures. White shaker cabinets are installed on the right wall of the space, aimed to contrast the black countertops and brown subway tile backsplash. Opposite the white shaker cabinets is a large center island with dark brown flat panel cabinets and a white countertop. Taken together, the mix of dark, rich color tones with the white cabinets and countertop creates a striking contrast. Incorporating brown into a black and white kitchen design is risky, but when it’s blended in thoughtfully it results in a dramatic and vivid color scheme.

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Your Dream Black and White Kitchen, For Less

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. What color backsplash with white cabinets and black countertops?

For a kitchen with white cabinets and black countertops, a neutral or lighter-colored backsplash would work best. Try out a beige-toned backsplash, light grey, or patterned tile.

2. What color countertops go with white cabinets and black appliances?

For a kitchen with white cabinets and black appliances, a white countertop with black or grey veining would look best.

3. Are black kitchen countertop out of style?

Black kitchen countertops are not out of style they seem to be evolving and becoming more popular. We see a lot of new kitchens that incorporate black countertops that have very minimal white veining and impurities instead of just pure black countertops.

4. Are black countertops hard to keep clean?

Black countertops are the best color of countertops to help conceal dirtiness and imperfections. Depending on the material of the countertop is what makes it easier or harder to keep clean.

5. Are black and white kitchens timeless?

Black and white kitchens, or "tuxedo kitchens" have been making a major comeback in recent years. Done correctly, these kitchens are beautiful and timeless!

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