9 Refreshing White Bathroom Makeover Ideas

9 Refreshing White Bathroom Makeover Ideas

White bathrooms are a clean and simple look that can make a big impact in any house. However, embracing the sparkling, polished style of white cabinets or accents means finding a style that speaks to you and running with it. Want to add a pop of color? Sounds great! Want to keep things as crisp and neutral as possible? That’s okay, too! There are a variety of white bathroom ideas that you can choose from.

Whatever you decide, you can’t go wrong with white shaker cabinets or a white shaker bathroom vanity. Let’s check out some great white bathroom makeover ideas for your house.

Contrasting Colors

No one ever said a white bathroom has to be boring. If you want to avoid that sterile look, add some contrasting colors into your design plans. Think blacks, dark woods, brass hardware, and more.

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For example, check out this bathroom out of Austin. The trendy brown floor and dark hardware complement the white cabinets and counter to elevate the room to another level.

Just like this bathroom shows, interesting floor tiles can make a bold statement, while colored fixtures can add a touch of class and sophistication. Another bold look to consider is black and white checkered floor tile.

Or maybe you want to go a little more out of the box. Blues and greens are beautiful when they’re done right in white bathrooms. Check out this bathroom in New York that features beautiful subtle blue tiles with white bathroom cabinets. The blue touch adds brightness to the room, while making the primarily white design feel more serene.

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Another great hack to add contrasting colors into your bathroom is using a bathroom rug. It helps warm up the space without too much time, money, and effort. Best part? It’s changeable, so you can adjust your style whenever you please!

This bathroom design stayed with a rather neutral pallet, adding a grey rug to counterbalance the grey in the counters.

If you want to add just a tiny bit of color to match your crisp white walls or white shaker cabinets, this is your moment to experiment! Little bursts of color like a bright shower curtain, colorful artwork or prints, and gorgeous hand towels can become design elements that bring a little brightness to your otherwise white bathroom. Just like rugs, these touches are also easy to swap out, which makes a change in design or a style swap easy to do!

And our last note in contrasting colors is, if you want to go bold, go bold! Pair some crazy wallpaper with your white shaker bathroom cabinets! It’s your house, and it’s your vision. If all white isn’t your thing, then just use it as an accent color to accentuate the colors you love. For example, check out this bathroom that paired white cabinets with a gold mirror and some elaborate, ornate wallpaper. Wow!

Keeping Things Neutral

Okay, so maybe colors and bold accents aren’t your thing. Maybe you like the crisp pure sophistication of an all-white or neutral bathroom. There’s a few different ways you can elevate it without making it look like a doctor’s office.

Like we mentioned above, fixtures and hardware are a great way to add a stylish finish to your bathroom. Maybe a pop of color like silver drawer pulls is just the right amount of color for you, or maybe a gold color will be playful enough.

Check out this bathroom in Texas that added gold hardware to white shaker cabinets to completely redefine the room. It looks clean, crisp, and classy! And for a pop of color that isn't permanent, you can add a vase of flowers or sprigs on the vanity like this homeowner did!

Another way to keep your bathroom relaxing is using soft grays and crisp whites. Whether you go with grey walls, grey marble counters, or grey floors, the comparable hues pair well together to create a peaceful oasis.

Don’t be afraid of textures either. They can play up white walls and cabinets to create a simple, streamlined look that doesn’t fall flat. This Chicago bathroom uses marble countertops, white cabinets, a pale blue paint color, and wainscoting to add a few different textured elements.

Wainscoting is a great design element to add for some depth to your bathroom. It adds a beautiful cottage-feel to the room, while adding that texture we were just talking about.

Another way to achieve that textured look is by adding different styles of tile. Think white subway tiles paired with marble. Or maybe marble with a beautiful white backsplash and a unique grey marble floor. Mixing and matching can add dimension that takes your white bathroom from flat to fab.

Now, it’s time to get your light on. Another thing to consider when trying to make your bathroom pop without that added color is small and simple design elements like a chandelier or wall sconces. Unique lighting and beautiful lighting fixtures are a design element all in their own, making your bathroom look refined and put-together. Not to mention, the added benefit of beautiful light that warms the room and makes the white pop.

Check out this bathroom in Michigan that features a freestanding tub, surrounded with built-in white shelves and shaker white cabinets, and a beautiful Crystorama chandelier that creates soft ambient lighting for bathing.

Like we mentioned earlier, if you have the space in your bathroom, a spacious tub create a spa-like retreat in a bathroom. White walls or white shaker cabinets open up the space visually, while accessories like tubs, mirrors, and light fixtures add a soft, delicate touch.

Seeing Double

Regardless of whether you go bold or stay in the neutral mood, another thing to consider with your white bathroom design is symmetry. If you have the space, symmetry can add a classic look to your bathroom. This means dual sinks, double vanities, etc.

Here’s a beautiful example of a symmetrical bathroom using two gold mirrors, dark hardware, and white shaker cabinets in a double vanity. That San Francisco style is a real stunner!

Here’s another example of a more neutral dual vanity with a makeup dressing table in between the sinks. This New York bathroom is a perfect representation of soft neutrals creating the perfect look. The white cabinets, subway tile gray floor, grey walls, and light marble countertops all play together to elevate the white cabinets.

No matter which style you go with, it’s safe to say that creating a white bathroom can spark a lot of imagination and creativity. You can go colorful and bright with touches of color, or choose elements of contrasting colors like dark woods or blacks. Maybe you’re a purist and a neutral white bathroom is more your style. In that case, adding simple, sophisticated design elements, like textures, mirrors, and chandeliers can elevate a crisp white room to another level.

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