9 incredible She Shed Remodel Ideas

9 incredible She Shed Remodel Ideas

She sheds are all the rage and are a great way to utilize extra space. She sheds can be used for various purposes, making them perfect for almost any use! Here are some She Shed Remodel ideas to help you repurpose your shed today!

1. Art Studio

She Shed Remodel Idea- Art Studio

House Beautiful

An art studio may not seem like a necessary addition to your home. Yet, she sheds are a great way to incorporate an art studio into your home without feeling like you’re wasting space. Avoid making a mess with your art materials and dedicate your She Shed to your new artistic creations! Try using neutral colors and simple flooring that will be easy to clean up if any messes occur.

2. Bathroom

Bedroom- She Shed Remodel

House Beautiful

Using a Shed as a bonus bathroom is a great way to add both value and convenience to your home. If you’re worried that this bonus bathroom will be more like an outhouse than a chic outdoor bathroom then try incorporating sleek design elements and solar panels for a modern and beautiful space.

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3. Dining Area

Dining Area- She Shed Renovation

Dining Area

Sometimes dining rooms don’t get a lot of use. It is often easier to eat in other, more convenient spaces. But that does not mean that having a dining room is unnecessary. To save space in your immediate home, move your dining room into a She Shed. This not only will make for a unique dining experience but will also allow you to use the space that would otherwise go towards your dining room for something else.

4. Reading Space

Reading Space- She Shed Remodel

House Beautiful

It’s often difficult to find a quiet space to read. That is why converting your shed into a reading space is a great solution. Fill your space with your favorite books and add a comfortable place to sit to create a relaxing addition to your home. Also, try bringing blankets and a few candles into your shed to make your space extra cozy.

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5. Play Area for Children

Play Area for Children- She Shed remodel

Shed Liquidators

Having a playroom for children can feel like a luxury that many can’t afford. Finding space to keep children’s toys can prove difficult if you need your home’s space for more pressing matters. Convert your shed into a play area for children to combat this problem! Use bright colors and add windows to the space to make it warm and inviting.

6. Crafting Space

Crafting Space- She Shed Renovation

Mum’s Grapevine

Just like with an art studio, crafting spaces can seem unnecessary when you may already be struggling to find space in your home. But by renovating your shed into a crafting space you’ll not only save space in your home but also keep your home clean from glue guns, scissors, and whatever other crafting supplies you may use! Make sure to add windows to your space to craft in plenty of natural light.

7. Guest House

Guest House- She Shed Remodel


Guest rooms are sometimes hard to come by. Try converting your shed into a guest house to create some extra space for guests. You can keep this space simple but make sure to spend more on heating and cooling to make the space comfortable for your house guests. If you have enough room try adding a small bathroom to not only make things more convenient for your guests but also add another bathroom to your home.

8. Coffee/Lemonade Bar

coffee or lemonade bar

House Beautiful

If you spend a lot of time outside you may benefit from a coffee or lemonade bar. Not only does this renovation change with the seasons, but it also can make entertaining easier. Host summer and winter parties in your She Shed with a variety of different hot and cold drinks. Also, try adding some seating to your shed as well to make it feel like a cafe!

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9. Study/Office

Study/Office She Shed Remodel

The Home Depot

Finding a space to do work can be difficult, especially if you have children running around. But with a personal office or study, working from home is no longer a problem. Yet, much like the other spaces mentioned, an office may not seem like a necessary use of space. But with a She Shed, you can create your office a comfortable and relaxing space while not taking up any space in your immediate home. Make sure to equip your space with a desk and bookshelf to truly make it feel like an office.

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1. How can I make my shed look more attractive?

Use decor that fits your style! Add shelving, rugs, plants and other decorative items to spruce up your space and show off your personality.

2. What should I cover my shed walls with?

Depending on how your she-shed is built, use materials like drywall, paneling, shiplap, or pegboard.

3. How much does it cost to turn a shed into a she-shed?

According to ManCaveKnowHow, a she-shed can cost anywhere between $900 to more than $2500 depending on if you are converting a shed already built or building one completely from scratch.

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