Ultimate Man Cave Renovation Ideas

Ultimate Man Cave Renovation Ideas

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With football season kicking off again and the holidays slowly approaching, every man cave needs some upgrades of their own. If you are creating your own oasis at home or working on a great hangout space to spend some time with friends and family, there are multiple ways we can help you along the way with some Man Cave renovation ideas.

Barn Doors and Entrances

barn doors are great ways to save on space

First impressions are important and what is one of the first things you see anywhere you go? The doors you go through, so why not look for some new styles to try out?

If space is an issue, installing barn doors are great ways to save on space while changing up your style.

Being able to separate the man cave from the rest of the house is super important when creating your own space. Choosing a color or door design also allows you to get creative or accent a certain style for the rest of the man cave. Picking hardware for it is a small but important step as well when working with barn doors.

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Lighting is the best way to renovate Man Cave

Besides the look of a man cave, you want to focus on the feel of it as well. It is a separate space to unwind and enjoy your time outside your everyday life. Lighting plays a huge part in the mood and feelings you set for your man cave. When working with lighting, it’s important to set an intention for the man cave itself, think about what you want to feel when you’re spending time there.

Whether it is going to be a place for football games, a video game area, or just for your personal relaxation, deciding on a lighting situation will make it flow a bit better with other decoration choices.

If your focus is sports, include your favorite team in a themed lamp or neon sign to show your love and have extra lights. Using wall lights for displays or around a bar is an example of using lighting to focus on specific areas. If you are more interested in keeping it simple using overhead lighting, consider using ceiling lamps instead of regular bulbs that stick out.

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Wet Bar and Cabinetry

Wet Bar and Cabinetry

Setting up your own wet bar in a man cave is one of the bigger projects and more design-based renovation. From cabinets to bar stools and countertops, you can create a space that is not only functional for you and all your friends but also something comfortable and inviting. With a wet bar, you again can work on fitting it into the overall theme of your man cave and pan out from there. If you are drawn to a certain color of cabinetry, or countertop or even plan on using a backsplash, there is a ton of inspiration to take from. Some examples include a more pub-style bar or keeping it simple with a minimalist and contemporary style.

Not only is the cabinetry great for your wet bar, but there is also always a need for storage space, especially in a man cave. If you need to put away DVDs, books, or any other items you are using in your spare time, cabinetry is a must. Colors and styles are important but the small details like hardware are what can help tie it all in! It may seem small and too specific, but finding the right pieces to match your theme is crucial. Cabinet hardware isn’t the only form of hardware to focus on, with barn doors you can find something to fit your theme and work with. Shiny and gold may not be your style, but there are many styles and finishes to choose from and work around.

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Fire Places

Electric Fire Places can add an extra layer of comfort

One last touch is not necessary for having a great man cave, but it is a great touch and can be put in any household. Electric fireplaces are not only great decorative items but also functional for your home. Fireplaces can cause a mess, but with electric ones, you’re able to benefit from the light, heat, and décor without any hassle. Installations are easy and there is also more flexibility in where you want to set it up, compared to a regular fireplace. Adding an electric fireplace to your man cave can take it from good to great and add an extra layer of comfort and style overall.

Regardless of your style or space, you can create and rework it into a great man cave. From cabinets to fireplaces, there are so many options to look into for finding the perfect style and theme for your man cave. Check out some great hardware, lights, and cabinets here, and let us be part of your renovations and redecorations!


1. What every man cave must have?

Some of the most common man cave must haves are listed below:

- Entertainment Center (this is where that HUGE TV goes :))

- Gaming Activities (Pool table, video games, arcade games, etc)

- Bar Top & Seating

- Ambient Lighting

2. How much does it cost to build a Mancave?

It can cost between $3,000 to $10,000 for a man cave renovation.

3. What is a good size for a man cave?

A man cave can be any size depending on the space you have available in your home. There is no right or wrong answer to what size your man cave should be as long as it fits the elements you want comfort in the space you choose.

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